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Awesome Night Sleep is a mattress review site like no other. We objectively review and rate mattresses based on algorithms, analytics, and millions of data points rather than on one person’s subjective experience sleeping on a mattress for two weeks. We want people to be well informed when they make a decision that impacts such a huge area of their lives. We want them to be able to go to one place to get concrete answers, rather than to go through dozens of opinions that would leave anyone befuddled. (See Quest for an Awesome Night Sleep)

Furthermore, we want people to raise their expectations. We want them to have a fantastic sleep experience every night. We want them to reach beyond a good night’s sleep and have an Awesome Night Sleep. Choosing the perfect mattress will make this happen and our website can help.

We present an objective rating for 20 considerations. (See 20 Major Categories) These considerations include essential elements such as whether the mattress is a good value and comfortable, company factors for instance whether the company has a solid reputation, sleep position concerns for example how well does the mattress fare for side sleepers, and other important attributes like edge support and off-gassing. These ratings are completed for each mattress and then compared to each other to finally analytically determine a sleeper’s best option.

The use of analytics in our determination is essential. Analytics is powering important decision-making in almost every aspect of our lives. It is everywhere. To just name a few places – analytics is used for investment comparisons, business intelligence, employee hiring, marketing optimization, business profitability forecasting, and even evaluating athletes (See Moneyball). Why not with mattresses? Isn’t it as important or even more important to get an Awesome Night Sleep as it is to choose the right investment or hire the right employee? We think so and that is why we created (See Methodology)


Mr. John P. Rossini (MBA Finance, JD) – Chief Analytical Officer and Lead Data Scientist

Mr. Rossini has spent over twenty years in Business and Financial Analytics. Of his many accomplishments, here are a few:

Capella University, Minneapolis, MN (2017)                                              

  • Bad Debt Modeling: Used millions of data points of student bad debt, revenue, and payments to create models that predict bad debt, allowance for doubtful accounts, and the amounts of payments operations needs to collect. Information also was used to identify areas of concern and the reasons for the large increases in expense.
  • Financial Statement Analytics: Performed data manipulation and analytics on financial statement items in order to provide variance analysis and better forecasting.

Amesbury Truth, Edina, MN (2016)

  • Mergers and Acquisitions: Led financial team including the CFO in the creation of merger and acquisition models that valued potential business combinations including understanding the potential worth of headcount reductions, customer coalescing, competitive shiftings, economies of scale, and other synergistic tendencies.
  • Financial Modeling & Analytics: Lead data mining, collection, and consolidation required to understand sales and margin analysis, structural cost analysis, customer and product profitability, and pricing and market dynamics.
  • Financial Reporting: Coordinated month end close activities related to sales and sales analytics including monthly mid-month and late month revenue projections and preliminary business unit meetings.  Identified root cause for shortfalls vs. plan, forecast and prior year.

Cargill, Hopkins, MN (2015 to 2016)

  • Financial Analytics: Responsible for partnering with business and leading the enhancement and creation of key metrics and financial analytics.
  • Statistical Reporting: Ensured financial, statistical, and management reporting was completed accurately and timely, driving process changes to ensure efficiency, setting KPI’s and maintaining relationships with corporate centers and shared services.
  • Financial Projects: Managed such projects as creating a reporting database, month end reconciliation process, and a daily model and system for profit and loss reconciliation.

St. Jude Medical, Plymouth, MN (2015)

  • Data Point Analysis: Responsible for partnering with top executives by performing complex operations statistics, planning and financial analysis for the Global Clinical Affairs business at St. Jude Medical,
  • Complex Analysis: Completed complex financial analysis using Hyperion Essbase, Hyperion Planning, and SAP.
  • Financial Planning: Developed, consolidated, and analyzed annual operating plan, strategic plan and forecasts, including development of headcount and variance reporting.

Royal Bank of Canada (RBC), Minneapolis, MN (2014 to 2015)

  • Complex Modeling: Completed a five year plan modeling and reporting strategy for Finance/Accounting.
  • Financial Reporting: Provided critical and actionable financial reporting information and recommendations that allowed senior level executives to enhance the financial performance and create shareholder value at RBC.
  • Financial Modeling & Analytics: Produced highly complex financial analysis and reporting using Hyperion, Cognos, and Oracle including building a comprehensive five year plan, creating complex variance analysis for quarterly reporting, and automating the trial balance conversion of consolidated funds from Bank of New York’s system to RBC’s system.
  • Financial Reporting: Provided oversight over NFA filings, in-depth forecasting and analysis for CCAR reporting, and counsel and advice in interpreting policies and procedures to ensure ongoing compliance with SOX, GAAP, and IFRS.

Virtual Radiologic Corporation (VRAD), Eden Prairie, MN (2014)

  • Financial Consulting: Senior financial consultant supporting compensation, rolling forecasting, and intricate analytics by partnering with top executives.
  • Financial Analysis: Provided extensive financial analysis and support for both fee for service and payer direct payment methods for the core business, the next generation business intelligence group, and the international area.
  • Corporate Compensation: Constructed a complex compensation calculator model using macros, array formulas, pivot tables with drop down options, and other advanced Excel functions that allowed radiologists to compare income between years by making changes to variables including volume, productivity, and work unit values.
  • Budgeting & Forecasting: Led budgeting, forecasting, modeling, and root cause analysis of teleradiology area using Epicor including supporting booking and terminations, volume and revenue, medical malpractice, radiology compensation, and other professional service expenses.

TCF Financial Corporation, Wayzata, MN (2013 to 2014)

  • Corporate Finance: Owned the Financial Planning and Analytics function for the Corporate Operations area at TCF.
  • Played a key consolidation role in preparing and delivering timely, precise, well-controlled, and comprehensive monthly/quarterly reporting and ad hoc analyses using Hyperion Essbase.
  • Complex Analysis: Led forecasting, variance analysis, stress testing, allocations, and early estimate preparation.
  • Budgeting & Forecasting: Reduced the early estimate and forecasting time at month-end by one to two days through extensive automation and process improvements while simultaneously increasing accounting and reporting accuracy.
  • Financial Modeling & Analytics: Created and enhanced credit forecast models through powerful automation, thorough documentation, and increased detail primarily as part of stress testing in compliance with internal policies and CCAR.
  • Accounting & Financial Support: Provided extensive accounting and financial support including strategic planning, business performance analysis, activity-based cost modeling, reconciliations, fixed asset management, root cause analysis, journal entries, corporate allocations, and decision support.

Deluxe Corporation, Shoreview, MN (2012 to 2013)      

  • Financial Analytics: Responsible for forecasting, reporting and variance analysis within the Financial Services program.
  • Strategy Development: Partnered with group leaders as primary financial support to develop methods and processes to provide efficient and effective support of the business strategies.
  • Complex Pricing: Completed the project management, modeling and pricing of RFP’s and check agreements for business process outsourcing (BPO) arrangements with financial institutions resulting in the overall gain of the number of large, international banks Deluxe has as customers (Cognos, SAP).
  • Process Improvement: Overhauled and vastly improved the Deluxe rebate program including the improvement of tracking, accounting, forecasting, accuracy, and increasing the timeliness of completing journal entries at month-end by one to two days.
  • Financial Modeling & Analytics: Led financial support to various parts of the sales/marketing organization, modeling offers and initiatives, providing financial guidance, and communicating with senior leadership in a concise, timely and accurate manner.

IQOR Inc., Plymouth, MN (2006 to 2012)

  • Finance Management: Head of the Finance and Accounting functions for the Minneapolis, Houston and West Palm Beach regions.
  • Merger & Acquisition: prepared the projections, built the models, combined financial statements and valuation as well as conducting the due diligence for the acquisition of RMS.
  • Financial Reporting: Assembled pro-forma consolidated financial statements to assess future cash flow, asset growth, and debt and equity positioning of all possible business combinations
  • Budgeting & Forecasting: Collaboratively worked with the regional operation’s personnel to develop and maintain multi-year strategic budgeting, weekly and monthly forecasting, client scorecard analysis, and multi-level dashboards.
  • Complex Pricing: Priced and provided analytics for first party customer service and third party collection work in the Financial Planning and Analysis area and annual contracts for healthcare and other benefit providers in the Benefits area.
  • Financial Reporting: Assembled pro-forma consolidated financial statements to assess future cash flow, asset growth, and debt and equity positioning of all possible business combinations and growth scenarios.
  • Financial Statement Review: Performed weekly comprehensive reviews of financial statements and other accounting information, including variance analysis, as well as completing monthly Management Discussion and Analysis of the performance of each region.nd growth scenarios.

SoftBrands Inc., Richfield, MN (2004 to 2006)

  • Income Statement Analysis: Moved company from analyzing company performance with only annual budgets, to additionally analyzing performance with consolidated bi-monthly income statement, cash flow, capital spending, and sales pipeline forecasts.
  • Complex Pricing: Developed and implemented sophisticated pricing models for the Company’s software and consulting and maintenance services.
  • Business Transactions: Led efforts to identify potential merger and acquisition opportunities by focusing on both strategic and financial buyers. Assembled pro-forma consolidated financial statements to assess future cash flow, asset growth, and debt and equity positioning of all possible business combinations and growth scenarios.
  • Competitive Analytics: Created systematic corporate intelligence by providing key external financial information and benchmarking for all main competitors.
  • Business Valuations: Performed countless business valuations using multiple contemporary valuation techniques including discounted cash flow, comparable company analysis, and precedent transaction analysis

Manchester Companies, Minneapolis, MN (1998 to 2004)         

  • Business Turnaround: Significant contributor to revenue growth of over 100% annually for more than three years by providing business intelligence and research as well as financial analysis to the business turnaround and investment banking areas of the company.
  • Business Transactions: Participated in many business transactions by assisting clients with strategic planning, mergers and acquisitions, debt and equity financing and corporate restructuring. Represented and helped negotiate successful mergers and acquisitions on both the buyer and seller sides.
  • Business Valuations: Employed valuation based performance metrics including EVA, MVA, ROIC, NOPAT, WACC, CROCI, and RONIC.
  • Built models and databases that tracked the performance of potential turnaround candidates. Created thousands of data points and analytics in order to develop over 50 screens to identify struggling companies.


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