Awesome Night Sleep
20 Major Categories

20 Major Categories



The table below describes the 20 Major Categories:

1EssentialsGood Value?Awesome price for the quality
2EssentialsComfortable?1. Softness or firmness of the mattress (firm, soft, plush, ultraplush, pillowtop, medium)
2. Surface pressure relief provided by the top layer of components
3. Initial feel of the mattress that lulls you to sleep
4. Cozy, snug, restful, relaxed, tranquil
3EssentialsSupportive?1. Maintaining the natural alignment of the spine
2. How well the mattress pushes back against your body to keep your spine straight
3. Holding the body in place throughout the night
4. Bearing the weight of the body from below
4EssentialsDurable / Quality Built?Last long, made of quality materials
5EssentialsSleep Cool?Good air flow, sleeper doesn't get warm or sweat
6EssentialsWarranty? For how many years will the company replace or repair the mattress because of a defect?
7EssentialsReturn Policy / Trial Period?For how many days can a sleeper try out the mattress and still return it?
8CompanyCustomer Service?How friendly, knowledgeable, helpful, courteous, is the company's customer service area
9CompanyGood Reputation?What is the company known for, does the mattress rate well with customers, do people feel comfortable purchasing from the company, is the company reputable, have good character and integrity
10CompanySocially Good?Do they give back to the community, do they have safe and environmentally friendly products,
11AttributesMotion Transfer / No Sinkage?Does one person's movement not disturb the other person? Is there the right amount of sinkage?
12AttributesEdge Support?How much support is there when a sleeper lies or sits down on the edge of the bed?
13AttributesBouncy?Does the bed provide a good amount of bounce?
14AttributesNoisy?Is the bed noisy?
15AttributesOff-Gassing?Whether the mattress has a putrid smell. Does it have any smell at all? How long does it last?
16AttributesEasy to Handle / Break In / Maintain?How long before the sleeper's body gets accustomed to the mattress? How long before the mattress softens up? Can the mattress cover be washed? How easy is it to move around the mattress?
17Sleeper TypeGood for Backs?Does the mattress help back pain? Will back sleepers like the mattress?
18Sleeper TypeGood for Side Sleep?Will side sleepers like the mattress?
19Sleeper TypeGood for Stomach Sleep?Will stomach sleepers like the mattress?
20Sleeper TypeGood for Larger People?Will larger people like the mattress?

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