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Quest for an Awesome Night Sleep / Analytics

Quest for an Awesome Night Sleep / Analytics



We were duped! Like many others, we bought the $4,000 mattress.

We didn’t know what else was out there. We thought that you get what you pay for. If you want a comfortable mattress, you have to pay the price. What we didn’t know is that traditional mattress companies jacked up the prices because they could. They had the monopoly so they were going to exploit people. Again, because they could.

To make matters worse. Our bed was uncomfortable. Yes, you got it. A huge price and a crappy bed.

What we didn’t know is that there were many other better mattresses out there. Who knew that out of nowhere so many amazing mattress companies would spring up? Who knew there were now so many incredible choices? Which mattress should we choose?

Moreover, we didn’t want to settle. You’ve heard this so many times, but if you are going to spend more than one-third of your life on a mattress, make it count. Don’t settle for a good night sleep, but strive for an Awesome Night Sleep!

Thus the quest for an Awesome Night Sleep and the best mattress began.

Again, which mattress? We didn’t like the current way that mattresses were being evaluated. We didn’t like the prospect of having to wade through dozens of biased reviews for each mattress out there. We didn’t think that listening to so-called professional reviewers that have only slept on mattresses two weeks before giving their expert opinions was the answer. Furthermore, we didn’t want to rely too heavily on one reviewer’s opinion. We wanted more information, but in a way that we could see our options, and make a well thought through decision.

Enter analytics. We developed proprietary, innovative algorithms and analytical tools to scour the internet (and other sources), gather and analyze information, and make unadulterated recommendations. We established a methodology that literally synthesizes millions of data points based on real life experiences in order to find optimum outcomes.

No longer is the process to purchase a mattress subjective, it is now objective. One personal opinion will not have undue influence on the determination of which mattress to buy.

Additionally, because our analytical tools are constantly reviewing new information, our ratings and reviews on mattresses may change on a daily basis. We want to give purchasers the best possible information on an ongoing basis so they can make the best decision. We want sleepers to have an Awesome Night Sleep.

John Rossini

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