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Best Mattress for Sleeping

Best Mattress for Sleeping


ANS Awards –  Best Mattress for Sleeping

In performing the analysis for the awarding of the Awesome Night Sleep (ANS) Best Mattress Award, we thoroughly assessed which mattress is the best for sleeping.  (See Best Mattress Award) We took into consideration millions of data points.  We objectively reviewed and rated mattresses based on algorithms, analytics, and extremely sophisticated models, rather than counting on the opinion of one person’s subjective experience sleeping on a mattress for two weeks   (See Methodology)

Best Mattress for Sleeping

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Furthermore, Awesome Night Sleep is independent. We are not associated with any Mattress company or any other mattress review site. Thus, we do not favor one mattress company over another. We let the accumulated data dictate the winners, not the undue pressure and expectations from other companies. (See Disclosures)

So what does it mean to be the Best Mattress for Sleeping? For Awesome Night Sleep it means the best mattress for comfort, support, and keeping cool.

This is how comfort is defined: (See Most Comfortable Mattress)

  1. Softness or firmness of the mattress (firm, soft, plush, ultraplush, pillowtop, medium)
  2. Surface pressure relief provided by the top layer of components
  3. Initial feel of the mattress that lulls you to sleep
  4. Cozy, snug, restful, relaxed, tranquil
  5. Contented and undisturbed; at physical ease and free from affliction or pain
  6. How far you sink into the mattress – in the mattress or on top of the mattress
  7. Ideal temperature of the mattress and sleeper –  not hot, not cold, either warm or cool or somewhere in between (see below)

Best Mattress for Sleeping

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This is how support is defined:

  1. Maintaining the natural alignment of the spine
  2. How well the mattress pushes back against your body to keep your spine straight
  3. Holding the body in place throughout the night
  4. Bearing the weight of the body from below
  5. Keeping the heavier parts (hip, shoulder) from sinking in too far while at the same time ensuring the lighter parts (waist, small of back, curve of neck) sink in some
  6. Ensuring no pain throughout the night and no pain upon waking up
  7. The even distribution of weight
  8. Firm enough to hold up your heavy parts, while soft enough to relieve pressure
  9. Maintaining an equally level surface for the heavier and lighter parts of the body (good conformability molds to both heavier and lighter areas equally)
  10. Amount of resistance a mattress provides against your body weight

This is how mattresses keep you cool: (See Best Mattress for Sleeping Cool)

  1. Cooling materials in the cover (Bear – Celliant Technology; Layla – Thermo-Gel; Alexander Signature – Thermic Phase Change Cooling Fabric; Nectar – Aloe; DreamCloud – Cashmere)
  2. Special materials added to the foam (Bear, Tomorrow – Graphite; Layla, PangeaBed – Copper; Loom & Leaf – Medical Grade Cooling Gel; GhostBed – Aerated Latex; Brooklyn Signature – TitaniumGel™)
  3. Foams with open cell structure (Bear, Casper, Helix, Tomorrow, Brooklyn Signature – TitanFlex™)
  4. Convoluted air flow foam (Layla, Loom & Leaf)
  5. Coils (that offer air movement) rather than foam (Helix, Saatva, Brooklyn Signature, DreamCloud)
  6. Alternative materials that promote air flow (Purple – Smart Grid Technology)

Best Mattress for Sleeping

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So which mattress is best for comfort, support, and helping people keep cool? Using our innovative and proprietary algorithms and analytics, we examined each of these three components for each mattress and came up with three different ratings. We then did a simple average of the three to come up with a winner.

So with no further delay, the awarding of the Best Mattress for Sleeping goes to the DreamCloud Sleep mattress. The DreamCloud mattress will put you at physical ease by cradling your body with an incredible pillow top cover and a combination of cooling memory foams, quilted memory foams, and super soft foams. Next, its durable natural latex layer, high density memory foam layers, and sturdy stability of micro coils combine to provide excellent support. Lastly the mattress keeps you cool with its moisture-wicking cashmere, gel infused memory foam, natural latex, and airflow promoting micro coils.

The Alexander Signature Series mattress came in a close second. First, this mattress is comfortable as it gives sleepers a substantial hug that gives exceptional pressure relief. Second, it is supportive in that its four layers work together to provide resilience and a strong foundation as well as evenly distributing a sleeper’s weight. Third, the Alexander Signature Series mattress keeps sleepers cool with its breathable High Density Gel Memory Foam, its SmartFlow Air Flow Foam, and its Thermic Phase Change Cooling Fabric.

The Bear mattress came in third. First, the Bear mattress is comfortable as it offers a great overall feel and a superior restorative sleep experience. Next, the high-quality, high-density, graphite gel infused memory foam provides great stability, durability, and deep support. Last, The Celliant fabric cover and graphite gel infused memory foam layer keep the sleeper exceptionally dry and cool.

For further information on the DreamCloud, Alexander Signature Series, and Bear mattresses, as well as the other winners, please see the following:

#1: DreamCloud (95.92%) for Best Mattress for Sleeping – See DreamCloud Mattress Review 

Best Mattress for Sleeping

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Support – The DreamCloud mattress provides tremendous support! The durable natural latex layer, high density memory foam layers, and sturdy stability of micro coils combine to provide excellent support for the soft top layers. First, the natural latex is not only elastic, but durable. It is much more resilient than the synthetic latex other mattress companies use. Next, the memory foam layers are super dense and provide a strong support system. They provide the foundation for a super solid mattress. Lastly, DreamCloud’s patented BestRest Coils form a foam encased pocketed micro coil compression system that gives unmatched targeted support. The system offers a precise level of stability, right where the body needs it. The flexible coils work incredibly well with the luxurious memory foam to contour to the sleeper’s body and relieve pressure points.  See DreamCloud Mattress Review 

#2: Nest Bedding Alexander Signature Series (95.88%) for Best Mattress for Sleeping – See Alexander Signature Series Mattress Review

Best Mattress for Sleeping

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Support – The combination of the 2.5″ thick 4 lb/ft high density durable gel memory foam top layer and the 1″ thick 4 lb/ft Visco foam second layer provide a strong base of support for this mattress. The 2″ thick 1.8 lb/ft transition SmartFlow foam lends additional resilience and support. The bottom layer of 6″ thick 1.8lb/ft high quality Edge Support Base Foam provides the foundation for the entire mattress. Together with the 1″ cover, the mattress is 12.5″ thick. This 12.5″ provides more support than many competitor’s mattresses that are only 10″ or 11″ thick. See Alexander Signature Mattress Review

#3: Bear Mattress (95.71%) for Best Mattress for Sleeping –  See Bear Mattress Review

Support – Excellent support. From the solid core bottom layer of high density foam to the Graphite Gel Infused Memory Foam top layer, the Bear Mattress provides top-notch support. Specifically, the bottom layer provides that solid core foundation of stability and support for the entire mattress. The transitional middle layers of Response Memory Foam provide that push back against the body to keep the spine aligned and also superlative conformability. Lastly, the top layer of memory foam also helps with spinal alignment, but also provides mollifying pressure relief. All of the layers work together to keep the sleeper from sinking too far into the bed. Individuals will not have that feeling of being stuck in the mattress. See Bear Mattress Review

#4: Tomorrow Sleep Memory Foam(95.66%) for Best Mattress for Sleeping – See Tomorrow Memory Foam Mattress Review

Best Mattress for Sleeping

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Support – Below the cozy cover and the top layer of Cooling Open-Cell Memory Foam, are the middle and bottom layers that give the Tomorrow Memory Foam mattress solid support. The two inch middle layer of Gel Swirl Memory Foam provides not only awesome pressure relief, but excellent weight distribution and that necessary push back against your body to keep your spine in alignment. The seven inch bottom layer of Durable High Density Base Foam holds your body in place throughout the night, provides additional weight distribution, and provides the structure of the mattress to ensure you won’t sink too deeply into the mattress. See Tomorrow Memory Foam Mattress Review

#5: Loom & Leaf (95.50%) for Best Mattress for Sleeping – See Loom & Leaf Mattress Review

Best Mattress for Sleeping

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Support – The 12″ thick all foam layers in general and the 4.5″ gel memory high density foam layers in specific give the mattress far more cushioning than less expensive on-line beds. The extra cushioning, along with the specially engineered layers of foam, give maximum performance and healthy, balanced support. Additionally, the cover, that is compact and tight, and much denser in the middle, provides better support in the spinal area. See Loom & Leaf Mattress Review

#6: Layla Sleep (95.47%) for Best Mattress for Sleeping – See Layla Sleep Mattress Review

Best Mattress for Sleeping

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Support – While the firmer side does feel more solid, both sides of this mattress have a good balance of support and comfort. The copper infused sturdy foam provides not only a cooler sleep, but more strength. Moreover, the presence of copper in the memory foam layers of the mattress results in additional support and a firming response in the deep compression areas of the body including the hips and shoulders. See Layla Sleep Mattress Review

#7: Helix Sleep (95.43%) for Best Mattress for Sleeping – See the Helix Sleep Mattress Review

Best Mattress for Sleeping

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Support – Proprietary Helix Dynamic Foam, steel-forged Pocketed Microcoils and High-Grade Polyfoam combine to provide a resilient, strong mattress with good support. Customization gives great support for the most part, but there have been reports of inadequacy for softer configurations. Even with being slightly thinner (10″) and less dense (1.8 lb/ft), the Helix mattress stands up well.  See the Helix Sleep Mattress Review

#8: Nectar Sleep (95.41%)  for Best Mattress for Sleeping – See Nectar Sleep Mattress Review

Best Mattress for Sleeping

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Support – Plush but highly supportive. The top comfort layers offer a soft, luxurious feel while the underlying support layers provide the needed strength below. Although not as firm as a traditional innerspring mattress or a more responsive type of foam, this mattress with its high-density foam base layer is designed for consistent long-term support. In fact, Nectar’s combination of layers and materials allows the mattress to both contour and support the body. See Nectar Sleep Mattress Review

#9: PangeaBed (95.31%) for Best Mattress for Sleeping – See 2018 PangeaBed Mattress Review

Mattress Review 2018

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Support – Fantastic support! All three layers below the soft, quilted cover provide great support so that sleepers can have an Awesome Night Sleep. First, the 100% Pure Talalay Latex in the top layer offers a unique natural buoyancy that is quite responsive to the body. It provides that push back to the neck, spine, and head to keep proper alignment and reduce related pains. Next, the transition layer of PangeaBed Cloud Foam helps hold the body in place and aids in the even distribution of weight. Despite the recent changes to make this layer even softer, the Cloud Foam still offers superior uplifting support. Lastly, the high density foam in the bottom layer of PangeaBed™ Support Foam offers superior support by conforming incredibly well to both the heavier and lighter areas of the body. It has a solid core that is not convoluted. By being solid, this base foam layer costs more, but offers more support and durability. See 2018 PangeaBed Mattress Review

#10: Luxi Sleep (95.28%)  for Best Mattress for Sleeping – See Luxi Sleep Mattress Review

Best Mattress for Sleeping

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Support – The adjustable firmness options in the Luxi 3-in-1 give sleepers the option to make the mattress more or less firm. This may help give the sleeper the support level they desire. That said, regardless of the firmness level, the combination of foam layers provides a superb level of support. In addition to the bottom support layer that gives the mattress foundational support, and the transitional layer that holds the mattress together, it is the Support Balancing Technology (SBT) layer, with its patented foam technology, that properly supports the body with the right compression and body contouring. SBT is made from high performance foam and functions like independent, pocketed coils in that it pushes back to add cushioning and support for the higher pressure body regions, such as the hips and shoulders, so that the body is in alignment during sleep. The high density properties of the foam layers provide additional support. See Luxi Sleep Mattress Review

#11: Saatva (95.22%)  for Best Mattress for Sleeping – See Saatva Mattress Review

Best Mattress for Sleeping

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Support – All of Saatva’s luxury mattresses are built with a tempered steel lower support system coil base. Saatva uses 13 guage coils, which are the thickest steel coils in the industry, and Everflex coils, which are industry standard and provide great support and durability. Additionally, the upper 4 inch pocket coils contour to the body and provide not only great comfort, but maximum support. Moreover, additional support is provided by the overall 14.5″ thickness of the mattress, the high quality memory foam layer of the lumbar support enhancement layer, and the supportive, cushion contouring of the luxury pillow top. See Saatva Mattress Review

#12: Brooklyn Signature (95.11%) for Best Mattress for Sleeping –  See Brooklyn Signature Mattress Review

Best Mattress for Sleeping

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Support – The top two layers have a track record of providing great support. The 2″ top layer of TitaniumGel™ infused TitanFlex™ Foam provides greater stability and the 2″ second layer of TitanFlex™ high density foam promotes deep compression support. The new bottom support layer of 6″ Ascension Pocketed Coils, according to Brooklyn Bedding, helps maintain the structural integrity of the mattress. The over 1,000 pocketed coils move independently, yet respond collectively to any movement, giving the sleeper a great amount of support. See Brooklyn Signature Mattress Review

#13: Eight Sleep (95.11%) for Best Mattress for Sleeping – See Eight Sleep Mattress Review

Support – The bottom layer of the Smart Bed provides sufficient support for sleepers. The transition foam aids in proper weight distribution and serves as a transitional layer between the comfort layers and the bottom base layers. The base layer is designed and constructed with durable support foam and gives the sleeper a sturdy foundation for maximum compression relief. Moreover, finding the dynamic between comfort and support is very important to the Company. As stated previously, they tested over 300 comfort combinations to identify the perfect support for spine and hip alignment. See Eight Sleep Mattress Review

By John Rossini (About Us)

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