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Best Mattress for the Money



ANS Awards – Best Mattress for the Money

While performing the analysis for the awarding of the Awesome Night Sleep (ANS) Best Mattress Award, we took an unbiased and in depth look at which mattress is the Best Mattress for the Money.  (See Best Mattress Award) We started by taking into consideration millions of data points.  Next, we objectively reviewed and rated mattresses based on innovative algorithms, heavy analytics, and extremely sophisticated models.

Furthermore, we employed our state of the art methodology to finally determine which mattress is the best for the money. (See Methodology) Moreover, we did not let the opinion of one person’s limited experience sleeping on a mattress for two weeks unduly influence who the winner would be. (See Quest for an Awesome Night Sleep) 

Best Mattress for the Money

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What’s more, Awesome Night Sleep is independent. We are not associated with any Mattress company or any other mattress review site. Thus, we do not favor one mattress company over another. We let the accumulated data dictate the winners, not the undue pressure and expectations from other companies. (See Disclosures)

So what does it mean to be the Best Mattress for the Money? For Awesome Night Sleep the Best Mattress for the Money is the one that has the best value. This means the mattress that has the best combination of price and quality. Thus, ideally, the Best Mattress for the Money has the lowest price, while still maintaining high quality.

Comparing mattresses based on price is easy. Customers can easily look for the lowest price. On the other hand, comparing mattresses based on quality is very difficult. Just what is quality? Awesome Night Sleep defines quality as a product that performs well. The following are reasons and examples of mattresses that perform well:

Best Mattress for the Money

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In determining which mattress is the Best Mattress for the Money, our cutting-edge algorithms and analytics looked at not only these examples of quality, but what makes each mattress perform well. We then combined this analysis with price information to come up with the winner.

No surprise. The ratings of the top mattresses were very close. There are many mattresses that are awesome values.

So with no further holdup, the awarding of the Best Mattress for the Money goes to Nectar. Nectar is an exceptionally well-rounded mattress. First, it combines the finest materials with the craftmanship of a luxury mattress. Next, it delivers awesome support, while at the same time providing amazing comfort. Finally, its price is unbelievably low. Consequently, the Nectar mattress is the epitome of value – fantastic quality at a low price.

Tomorrow came in a close second. They offer over 140 years of expertise, 40,000 sq. ft. of American research labs, over 40 dedicated sleep scientists, and hundreds of category-leading patents, all at a very low price.

Additionally, the DreamCloud mattress came in third. DreamCloud offers hand tufted luxurious cashmere, high density super soft memory foam, patent-pending encased coils, and hypoallergenic super premium natural latex innovative features – all at a reasonable price.  Please see additionally information on Nectar, Tomorrow, DreamCloud and the other winners below.

Best Mattress for the Money

#1: Nectar Sleep (96.82%) for Best Mattress for the Money – See Nectar Sleep Mattress Review

Nectar Mattress Review

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Value – Well-rounded mattress. The finest materials and superb craftmanship of a luxury mattress that delivers excellent support combined with extreme comfort – all at a competitive price point. One of the best mattress at a much better price. Not only does this mattress cost less, it lasts longer. Unheard of year long trial period and forever warranty, at a price that can’t be beat. Surpasses many other higher priced mattresses in support and comfort. Per Nectar, fewer than 3% of Nectar sleepers return their Nectar mattress. See Nectar Sleep Mattress Review

Quality – Very durable and high quality. The high quality of the mattress is backed up with the forever warranty. Nectar guarantees that the better quality materials, from the premium cover to the strong base, will last a life time. First, the sharp looking, Tencel and cotton blend breathable cover is naturally resistant to bed bugs and minimizes the effect of dust, pet dander, and other allergens. Second, the quilted gel memory foam top layer, which undergoes a super premium quilting process that most companies do not do, provides extra loft, comfort, and better breathability. Third, the Lush Foam layer has five patents and uses the most premium, medical grade gel foam available. Fourth, the Hi Core adaptive foam layer affords the single best inner layer for contouring a mattress can have. Lastly, the base contains a more dense base foam than many competitors. Nectar has earned many quality awards. See Nectar Sleep Mattress Review

#2: Tomorrow Sleep Memory Foam(96.71%)  for Best Mattress for the Money – See Tomorrow Memory Foam Mattress Review

Best Mattress for the Money

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Value – Incredible value! Such a low price for a fantastic all around mattress. The Tomorrow Sleep premium memory foam mattress has excellent comfort, solid support, impeccable quality, and keeps a sleeper cool, all at a very good price. Their premium mattress has three layers: a top layer of cooling open-cell memory foam for breathability, a middle layer of premium gel swirl memory foam for pressure relief, and a bottom layer of high density base foam for durable support. Just launched in April of 2018, this all foam mattress complements well Tomorrow’s other mattress offering, the Tomorrow Sleep Hybrid mattress, which is made out of both coils and foam. Being passionate about improving your sleep, Tomorrow prides itself in selling its sleep bundle, made up of mattress, foundation, and protector, for under $1,000. Additionally, as part of their system, Tomorrow also has available pillows, sheets, curtains, and most notably their Sleeptracker® Monitor. At $89, the Sleeptracker analyzes sleep cycles, breathing rate, heart rate and movement to offer personalized suggestions for better sleep. Tomorrow keeps all prices lower by owning their own factories and selling directly to consumers. They can sell for hundreds of dollars less because they’ve cut out the middleman and retailer. See Tomorrow Memory Foam Mattress Review

#3: DreamCloud (96.39%) for Best Mattress for the Money – See DreamCloud Mattress Review 

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Value – Awesome Mattress! Awesome Value! The DreamCloud Mattress is an amazing combination of hand tufted luxurious cashmere, high density super soft memory foam, patent-pending encased coils, and hypoallergenic super premium natural latex at a price just over $1,000. In order to usually get all this, one would expect to pay five to ten times this amount. DreamCloud is only able to charge such a low amount because they sell directly to the customer and do not have to pay distributors and retailers. Moreover, with the DreamCloud hybrid mattress, customers additionally get a cool, thick, plush mattress that has a year long trial period and a life long warranty. They truly get a fantastic value.

#4: GhostBed (96.26%)  for Best Mattress for the Money – See GhostBed Mattress Review

Best Mattress for Keeping Cool

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Value – Ghostbed mattresses offer innovative features, high quality, premium comfort, and long-term support – all at a reasonable price. More affordable than similar latex and memory foam competitors. Ghostbed leverages the experience of their parent company, Nature’s Sleep, to offer a great product at a competitive price. See GhostBed Mattress Review

Quality – The GhostBed is manufactured with very high quality materials and construction by its parent company, Nature’s Sleep, a mattress company that has been around since 2001. The Ghostbed mattress offers quality craftsmanship and will last between 5 and 10 years. Its innovative, solid design allows the withstanding of wear and pressure. See GhostBed Mattress Review

#5: Layla Sleep (96.26%) for Best Mattress for the Money – See Layla Sleep Mattress Review

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Value – The Layla mattress has a great combination of a reasonable price, two comfort-level options, temperature control, a lifetime warranty, and great potential health benefits. They have addressed the concerns of the customer, offering comfort, cooling, airflow, and health – all at a great price. A company that is revolutionary, creative and innovative – putting forward a quality mattress and new features – the flipping and infused-copper – at a price comparable to a lot of the other online mattresses. See Layla Sleep Mattress Review

Quality –  Very high quality and durable. Copper is the key. It is anti-microbial (has the ability to neutralize microbes such as bacteria, fungi, molds and viruses), it is supportive, it has thermo regulating properties, and it may help heal the body (similar to wearing the copper bracelet). The mattress is innovative, not only with the infused copper, but containing two beds in one. Further it is made of high quality foam and fabric. For example, not only does the cover look chic and sophisticated, it is thicker, softer, stretchy, and is infused with Thermo-Gel that provides coolness to the touch. The expected lifespan for the Layla mattress is between 10 and 12 years. See Layla Sleep Mattress Review

#6: PlushBeds Botanical Bliss (96.11%) for Best Mattress for the Money – See Botanical Bliss Mattress Review

Best Mattress for the Money

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Value – Even though the Botanical Bliss™ 100% All Natural Latex Mattress is at a higher price point than many other on-line mattress companies, it is well worth the money. It is a great value and luxurious. The features that come with this amazing mattress include 100% natural latex, 4 firmness options, the highest quality certified eco-friendly components, in-house manufacturing, a 100 night free comfort exchange, a 25 year warranty, and a soft knit cover. While other bed companies claim their beds are latex, many times they are not. The latex other companies use is either blended with other materials or artificial altogether. This makes their mattresses less expensive, less supportive, less comfortable, and less durable. Not so with Plushbed mattresses. The Botanical Bliss has 100% all natural latex. It is more expensive, but better in every other aspect. Even so, the Botanical Bliss mattress does incredibly well when compared to other 100% natural latex mattresses. Compared to store-bought brands that cost $5,000 or more, the Botanical Bliss is about a third of the price at $1,799. See Botanical Bliss Mattress Review

#7: Helix Sleep (96.04%) for Best Mattress for the Money – See the Helix Sleep Mattress Review

Best Mattress for the Money

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Value – State-of-the art customization gives great feel, support, temperature regulation, and point elasticity at a very reasonable price. Further, the option of a different comfort level on each side of a queen or king is an additional reasonable $195. This remarkable hybrid mattress is a great value for the impressive personalization, quality craftmanship, great innovation, and high level research and analysis that has gone into this product. See the Helix Sleep Mattress Review

#8: PangeaBed (95.97%) for Best Mattress for the Money –  See 2018 PangeaBed Mattress Review

Mattress Review 2018

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Value –  Awesome value! PangeaBed has an amazing combination of innovative materials in their mattress that help sleepers keep cool, feel comfortable, get great support, stay clean, and be healthy – all at a great price. Among these innovative materials, two stand out – their 100% Pure Talalay Latex and their infused copper. Both of these materials can be found in the layer below the Soft Foam Quilted Cover. The 100% Pure Talalay Latex gives the PangeaBed mattress fantastic pressure relief, breathability, durability, consistency, great bounce, and an exceptional cushioning feel. On the other hand, the infused copper provides sleepers the outstanding benefits of not only keeping them cool, but also being very healthy. In fact, copper is antibacterial, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, may slow down Osteoporosis, may help people look younger, and can improve the blood circulation. Incredible! And that is just in one layer. A sleeper really gets an incredible value with this mattress.  Please see 2018 PangeaBed Mattress Review

#9: Bear Mattress (95.93%) for Best Mattress for the Money –  See Bear Mattress Review

Best Mattress for the Money

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Value – Tremendous value! The Bear Mattress offers state-of-the-art Celliant Technology, cooling Graphite Gel Infused Memory Foam, and exceptional comfort and support – all at an affordable price. First, in addition to keeping sleepers cool, the innovative Celliant Technology in the mattress cover does much more. It has been clinically proven to improve physical performance, quicken recovery times, and promote restful sleep. Next, the top layer of Graphite Gel Infused Memory Foam keeps heat away by integrating superconducting graphite particles with open-cell, high air-flow foam. Lastly, the combination of Graphite Gel Infused Memory Foam in the top layer, Responsive Memory foam in the middle two layers, and high density foam in the bottom layer provide fantastic pressure relief, superior spinal alignment, and a solid core foundation. To provide all these top-level benefits at such a low price is unbelievable! See Bear Mattress Review

#10: Eight Sleep (95.75%) for Best Mattress for the Money – See Eight Sleep Mattress Review

Best Mattress for the Money

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Value – The Smart Bed has the comfort, support, durability, and even the affordability of comparable on-line mattresses, but also has the Smart Technology. While this mattress is excellently priced, it has a cover that contains the sleep technology that people crave. This technology includes sleep tracking, temperature control, the Smart alarm, and IoT and Wi-fi integrations. This Smart Technology that has taken the mattress industry by storm, could have commanded a much higher, premium price. But instead the Smart Bed is sold at a reasonable price point. See Eight Sleep Mattress Review

#11: Brooklyn Signature (95.51%) for Best Mattress for the Money –  See Brooklyn Signature Mattress Review

Best Mattress for the Money

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Value – The Brooklyn Signature mattress is a mattress made with low overhead, high quality, superb comfort, and remarkable cooling – all at a great price. This hybrid mattress now combines its distinguished, comfortable and cool premium TitanFlex™ foam with their new individually pocketed springs at a price in-line with its competitors. Unlike many of its competitors, Brooklyn Bedding can provide better quality products at a similar price, because by owning and operating their own factory, they can keep costs down. See Brooklyn Signature Mattress Review

#12: Lull – (95.29%) for Best Mattress for the Money –  See Lull Mattress Review

Best Mattress for the Money

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Value – The Lull mattress is a premium gel foam mattress that offers quality, comfort, convenience, and a 100 night trial period at a fraction of the price traditional retail stores charge. Rather than having consumers suffer through the stressful experience of shopping for a new mattress in big-box retail stores, Lull offers a hassle free exclusively online mattress shopping experience. They offer one model that has universal appeal. Instead of creating many pricey mattresses with various features, Lull chose to put all of their resources into developing one comfortable mattress, and offering it at a reasonable rate. See Lull Mattress Review

#13: Nest Bedding Alexander Signature Series (95.25%) for Best Mattress for the Money – See Alexander Signature Series Mattress Review

Best Mattress for the Money

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Value – Nest Bedding Alexander Signature premium memory foam mattresses compare well to expensive, luxurious mattresses like Tempurpedic, but also to low-priced bed-in-a-box alternatives. The Signature mattress has great comfort, support, and premium foams like Tempurpedic, but for thousands of dollars less. And although slightly higher in price than some on-line alternatives, the quality and durability of the Nest Bedding Alexander Signature mattress, more than makes up for it. The Company uniquely provides a low-overhead business model with dedicated customer service, and unique non-toxic, natural, American made products. Also, if price is a major concern for customers, Nest Bedding has many other offerings that are priced well below the competition. Please see their website for further details. See Alexander Signature Mattress Review

By John Rossini (About Us)

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