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Custom Mattress – Best Mattress for Customization

In this article Awesome Night Sleep (ANS) presents the award for Best Mattress for Customization.

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I. Custom Mattress: Introduction

Many mattress companies only provide one mattress model. While a lot of these models are very good, sometimes having only one model is very limiting and will not please everyone. Moreover, some individuals want to have more than one option. Other mattress companies are better and let customers choose mattresses with different firmness levels. They might ask customers if they like a softer mattress or a more firm mattress, and give individuals these limited mattress options.

Still other mattress companies will take it one step further and find out if the customer is a side sleeper, back sleeper, or stomach sleeper. They will then urge the customer to choose one of these limited mattress options based on their answer. Again, this is better, but not ideal.

To best help sleepers choose a mattress that will give them an Awesome Night Sleep, it is best to help them use the most relevant information possible and based on this information, design an amazing mattress for them. This is what Helix Sleep does. They find out a lot of important information in only a couple of minutes and then create a mattress based on this information. Helix does this in the form of a quick quiz that customers can take on Helix’s website.

II. Custom Mattress: A Customized Mattress

From the answers to this quiz, Helix performs proprietary algorithms and analytics, while also using innovative sleep science in order to determine the perfect mattress for them. They design the ideal bed by varying the densities and order of the layers. This gives sleepers the best feel, support, temperature regulation, and point elasticity (see the sample quiz results below). This truly is customization!!!

Custom Mattress

For more information on an awesome custom mattress visit Helix’s website (up to $125 off your mattress)

Awesome Night Sleep loves that Helix Sleep uses algorithms and analytics, and takes the guess work out of finding the perfect mattress for customers. Very similar to how Awesome Night Sleep determines the best mattress (see Awesome Night Sleep 2018 Best Mattress), Helix Sleep uses a proven methodology that is based on many objective factors to design the perfect bed.

When asked how many different models they have created based on answers to their quiz, Helix in 2015 stated 12. But, that was just at their beginning. Since then, they have undoubtedly created many more. Even at 12, this is an unbelievably high number. This number is far more than the one model offered by many companies, and the two, three, or four models offered by others.

III. Custom Mattress: Awarding the Winner

Thus, without any further clamor, the winner for the 2018 Awesome Night Sleep Best Mattress for Customization is Helix. Helix knows that a custom-made mattress is the best mattress for people.  They know that building a mattress based on a customer’s needs and preferences is imperative. In fact, Helix states on their website that Helix customers report a 36% improvement in reported sleep quality after switching to a customized bed.

Custom Mattress

For even more information on this incredible custom mattress visit Helix’s website  (up to $125 off your mattress)

What is more, Helix is the only company that takes so many factors into consideration and then customizes the perfect solution. As mentioned above, two of these factors are customer mattress preference and sleeper type. In addition to these two, Helix looks at many others factors. Many of these factors are listed below. Additionally, a quick explanation is given on why these factors are so important.

IV. Custom Mattress: 10 Factors

(1) Sleeping Position – Helix will configure your mattress differently based on whether you sleep on your side, on your back, or on your stomach. 74% of people are side sleepers. Side sleepers usually prefer a softer mattress so they can get pressure relief, especially on their shoulders and hips. Helix positions the mattress layers to optimize the cushioning for these areas. On the other hand, 10% of people are back sleepers. Back sleepers usually desire a firmer mattress compared to side sleepers. They want a mattress that naturally supports the spine. Lastly, stomach sleepers make up the remaining 16%. Stomach sleepers usually want an even firmer mattress that will take stress off the spine and prevent back and neck pain. No matter how you sleep, Helix will be able to arrange their pocketed microcoils, high-grade polyfoam, and Helix Dynamic Foam in a way to get you an Awesome Night Sleep.

(2) Mattress Preference – In customizing your mattress, Helix will take into consideration your preferences. They will find out from you if you like a softer mattress, a firmer one, or one somewhere in between. Helix will try to understand if you like a plush feeling or not. Moreover, they will want to know if you like the feeling of being swallowed up in your mattress or sleeping above it. They will vary the densities and order of the layers based on your answers.

(3) Sleeping Hot – In trying to put together the perfect mattress for you, Helix will also want to know if you sleep hot or not. They will want to know if you have the tendency to sweat while you sleep. Based on your answers, they will customize the mattress in a manner that will keep you at the optimum temperature. You will not be either too hot or too cold. Helix has a great track record for keeping sleeper’s cool. In fact, they were a top three finisher in Awesome Night Sleep’s Best Mattress for Sleeping Cool. (see Awesome Night Sleep Best Mattress for Sleeping Cool)

Custom Mattress

For more information on a custom mattress visit Helix’s website (up to $125 off your mattress)

(4) Current Pains – To configure the perfect mattress for you, Helix will want to know if you wake up with pains. Sleepers that do have pains, will need a customized mattress that can try to alleviate those pains. A more firm mattress might be in order or one that has the pocketed microcoils near the top. Let Helix tell you. They have the sleep science to find you the right mattress. With or without pains, Helix can build a mattress that is personalized for you.

(5) Age – Helix also takes into consideration your age in customizing a mattress. The mattress configuration may depend greatly on whether you are a child, teen-ager, young adult, middle aged, or elderly. While the best mattress for children and the elderly is often a firmer mattress, a softer mattress might be better for young adults and middle aged people. Furthermore, as people get older, they often require a mattress that is more dense or gives more support. Additionally, the elderly might need special consideration because of their tendency to have arthritic joints and back pain.

(6) Height and Weight – Larger and heavier people will likely need a different customized mattress compared to smaller and lighter individuals. They likely will prefer a mattress that is firmer and offers more support. On the other hand, smaller and lighter people will desire a softer mattress and not need as much support. Additionally, larger and heavier people tend to run warmer than smaller and lighter people. They will want a mattress that does more to help them sleep cool. Whether large, small, heavy, or light, Helix will be able to configure their pocketed microcoils, high-grade polyfoam, and Helix Dynamic Foam, accordingly, to create a mattress tailored just for them.

(7) Gender – Helix’s algorithms and sleep science also take into consideration whether the sleeper is male or female. According to Adam Tishman, CEO at Helix, men are 50% more likely to prefer a firm or very firm mattress than women. He further states, that oddly, men sleep better than women (+11%) on a softer mattress, while women sleep better than men on a firm mattress (+6%). In addition to firmness preference, many women tend to get colder quicker and have different pressure points than men (see (8) below). Helix takes all of these factors into consideration when finding the best mattress for sleepers.

For more information on a custom mattress visit Helix’s website  (up to $125 off your mattress)

(8) Pressure Points – in designing the perfect mattress for sleepers, Helix also considers pressure points. In their quiz, Helix asks if you have either broad shoulders or broad hips. With this information, they can customize your mattress in a manner that allows for greater weight distribution in these areas.

(9) Current Quality of Sleep – Helix will customize your mattress based on your current experience with your present mattress. After finding out from you your current quality of sleep, whether you are tossing and turning, the age of your mattress, the type of bed you are sleeping on, and who made the mattress (if you remember) , Helix will know whether to tailor a mattress in a way similar to what you currently have. They will also know if it is time to get you something completely different. Moreover, often times tossing and turning is caused by sleeping hot. Helix will design a mattress in a way to ensure you sleep cool.

(10) Mattress for Two – For couples, Helix has designed two different options – the Blended Mattress and the Dual Comfort Mattress. After each person takes their own quiz, and they receive the recommendation of Helix, the couple can decide which option to choose. The Blended Mattress is a combination of both individual results, creating a happy medium across the whole mattress. Couples who have similar quiz results often choose this option. The second option, the Dual Comfort Mattress, takes the results of the quizzes and individually personalizes each side, seamlessly splitting the mattress down the middle. Couples who have drastically different quiz results, usually choose this option.

Custom Mattress

For more information on a custom mattress visit Helix’s website (up to $125 off your mattress)

Once again, these are a lot of the factors Helix considers in creating your mattress. Please visit the Helix Sleep Website or Awesome Night Sleep Helix Mattress Review for more information on customization. Take their two to three minute quiz and let them build a mattress for you. As previously mentioned, they are the best at using innovative sleep science to individually personalize and custom-make your mattress for an Awesome Night Sleep.

By John Rossini (About Us)

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