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Most Comfortable Mattress


Comfort Meets Analytics –  Most Comfortable Mattress

In performing the analysis for the awarding of the Best Mattress Award, Awesome Night Sleep thoroughly examined which mattress is the most comfortable.  (See Best Mattress Award) We took into consideration millions of data points, including complaints, complements, questions, opinions, and reviews in order to determine which mattress could best give sleepers the most comfortable night sleep. (See Methodology)

Best Mattress for Keeping Cool

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It was a very close competition. Many mattresses are amazingly comfortable!

Even so, it was very important to make sure the most comfortable mattress was determined objectively. We did not want one person’s positive or negative opinion to carry too much weight. Thus, we meticulously utilized our extensive modeling, employed our complex methodology, and performed our heavy analytics in order to come up with which mattress is the most comfortable.

So with no further hullabaloo the awarding of the Most Comfortable Mattress goes to Luxi. Please see information on Luxi and the other winners below.

#1: Luxi Sleep (96.45%) for Most Comfortable Mattress – See Luxi Sleep Mattress Review

Most Comfortable Mattress

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The Luxi 3-in-1 is the first-ever adjustable bed-in-a-box mattress. It has the customization options to let sleepers choose the firmness of the mattress. Although the mattress comes with medium firmness, sleepers can change the firmness level by simply unzipping the mattress cover and flipping the comfort layers. Additionally, the 3-in-1 has Dual Side Adjustability. This means that with the queen or king, each side can be adjusted to a different comfort level. The Luxi One, conversely, does not have these options. It comes with soft to medium firmness and cannot be adjusted. Both the Luxi 3-in-1 and the Luxi One have shape-matching technology that provides the optimal level of softness, cooling, breathability, and comfort. The combination of foams have the unique capability to precisely match the shape of the body and deliver the perfect amount of “sink” and “hug” determined by body weight, sleep position and pressure profile. The end result is a luxury feel, pressure point relief, and a deeper, more restorative Awesome Night Sleep. See Luxi Sleep Mattress Review

#2: Nest Bedding Alexander Signature Series (96.26%) for Most Comfortable Mattress – See Alexander Signature Mattress Review

Most Comfortable Mattress

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In order for sleepers to have an Awesome Night Sleep, the Alexander Signature Series® mattresses come in two different firmnesses. The Medium mattress, which is medium to firm and chosen by over 90% of customers, is more suited for back and side sleepers. The Luxury Firm mattress, which is more firm, is more suited for back and stomach sleepers. Additionally, if customers would like a different firmness, Nest Bedding has 11 other mattress options. They range from latex to coil, and from very soft to very firm. These different options can be found on their website.  Concerning the Alexander Signature Series, ® both the Medium and Luxury Firm have a plush, quilted cover that feels like a pillow top. This soft-to-the-touch cover helps provide good body conformance without that quick sand feeling. Still, with its superb foams, this mattress gives the sleeper that awesome memory foam feel, that substantial hug that gives exceptional pressure relief.  See Alexander Signature Mattress Review

#3: Nectar Sleep (95.99%) for Most Comfortable Mattress – See Nectar Sleep Mattress Review

Most Comfortable Mattress

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Amazing to sleep on. Plush. The Nectar mattress relieves pressure, contours to the body, and just feels great. Traditional memory foam feel that gives a gentle hug and allows the sleeper to sink right into the foam. Firm enough for great support, but cozy, pillow-top like feel for comfort.  Very comfortable from the special breathable cover to the high quality memory foam layers. Nectar ran a study with findings that Nectar sleepers fall asleep 20% faster than sleepers on other mattresses. Although some sleepers report that this mattress is softer than other memory foam mattresses, others have said it is more firm. Has earned many comfort awards. See Nectar Sleep Mattress Review

#4: Tomorrow Sleep Memory Foam (95.92%) for Most Comfortable Mattress – See Tomorrow Memory Foam Mattress Review

Most Comfortable Mattress

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The Tomorrow Sleep Memory Foam Mattress ranks very high for comfort. On a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 is super soft and 10 is super firm, it is about a 5.5 or 6. Thus it is medium or just slightly medium firm. Thus, this mattress being right in the middle will appeal to most sleepers, small or large, but also side sleepers, back sleepers, and stomach sleepers. Although the entire mattress provides a cozy, restful feel, specifically the cover and the Gel Swirl Memory Foam middle layer offer ultimate comfort. The cover made of a polyester knit fabric, is not only thin and cool, but very soft to the touch. And the Pressure Relieving Gel Swirl Memory Foam layer will contour to your body and cradle you to sleep. Together, the entire mattress provides the feel of a hug and that classic memory foam sensation. See Tomorrow Memory Foam Mattress Review

#5: Novosbed (95.87%) for Most Comfortable Mattress –  See Novosbed Mattress Review

Most Comfortable Mattress

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Novosbed’s three different mattresses give the sleeper three different firmness levels.  Per the Company’s website, the Soft is designed for contouring and plushness without that “quicksand” feeling, the Medium is designed to offer the perfect balance of support and plush-comfort, and the Firm is designed to provide firm, comfortable support, with minimal sink-in. All three provide that classic memory foam feel and gradually mold and conform to a sleepers body, resulting in equal weight distribution and pressure point relief. Some customers report that Novosbed’s mattresses run firm. If sleepers find that this is the case, they can order for free the Comfort+ adjustment kit. This kit is a layer of firming or softening regular foam that integrates seamlessly into the mattress. Even though the Comfort+ adjustment kit does well in fine-tuning the firmness level, because the top layer is now regular foam, the mattress could feel less like a memory foam mattress, and more like a regular pillow-top mattress. Additional comfort is provided by the  top cover that is amazingly soft and the high density foams found throughout the mattress. See Novosbed Mattress Review

#6: DreamCloud (95.82%) for Most Comfortable Mattress – See DreamCloud Mattress Review 

Best Mattress

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Relaxed, tranquil, snug, cozy, restful and at physical ease. This is how a sleeper feels on a luxurious DreamCloud mattress. The top four layers of this elegant bed largely contribute to this amazing feeling. First the True Tufted Cashmere Blend Euro Top cover is pillowlike, cozy, and soft to the touch. Next, the Gel Infused Memory Foam layer provides that plush cushioning, snug, memory foam feel. The Super Soft Quilted Memory Foam layer then provides an additional relaxing, contouring, memory foam feel. Lastly, the Supreme Natural Latex layer gives the mattress a cushioning bounce and added contouring. Together, even though super comfortable, the DreamCloud Mattress is not overly soft or firm. It has a medium-firm feel, coming in at a 6.5 on a scale of 1 (soft) to 10 (firm). The mattress will put you at physical ease by cradling your body with an incredible pillow top cover and a combination of cooling memory foams, quilted memory foams, and super soft foams.  See DreamCloud Mattress Review 

#7: Bear Mattress (95.80%) for Most Comfortable Mattress –  See Bear Mattress Review

Most Comfortable Mattress

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Extremely comfortable. The Bear Mattress offers a wonderful overall feel and a superior restorative sleep experience. Sleepers describe the mattress as medium firm with a rating of 6 to 7 on a scale of 1 to 10. Even so, sleepers find it extremely comfortable. It is not only satisfactorily soft, but provides prompt pressure relief, cooling contentment, contouring comfort, and an overall soothing sensation. Moreover, the Celliant Technology in the mattress cover further promotes restful sleep. In fact, it has been clinically proven to help sleepers fall asleep quicker. A study conducted at the University of California, Irvin found that subjects reduced the time spent in bed before falling asleep by 18.3 minutes. Furthermore, the Celliant Technology better restores the body. The Celliant, which has been determined by the FDA to be a medical device, actually increases blood flow which results in not only increased energy and enhanced performance, but also quicker recovery. See Bear Mattress Review

#8: Acesleep Mattress (95.80%) – for Most Comfortable Mattress – See Acesleep Mattress Review

Most Comfortable Mattress

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Amazingly comfortable! In addition to providing a cool night sleep, the cover and top three layers of the Acesleep mattress give a sleeper ultimate comfort. The Luxury Ice Silk Cover is not only refreshing and breathable, but it also has that sleek, yet wonderfully-soft feel. Similarly, the top three layers, all made from premium memory foam, give the bed an awesomely cozy, snug feel. You will be lulled to sleep, while the mattress contours to your curves, relieves your pressure points, and puts you at complete physical ease. While the layers are individually crafted using diverse components, they work well together to give a sleeper a comfortable, Awesome Night Sleep. With a medium firm feel (between 5.5 and 7.5), most sleepers will find this mattress not to be too soft or too firm, but just right. Furthermore, because the memory foam is plant-based, the mattress will not be impacted by temperature, and won’t get softer in warm weather or firmer in cold. Moreover, as an exceptionally cool mattress, that is soothingly comfortable with a medium firm feel, Acesleep has sleepers excited to hear that it is bedtime. See Acesleep Mattress Review

#9: Loom & Leaf (95.76%) for Most Comfortable Mattress –  See Loom & Leaf Mattress Review

Most Comfortable Mattress

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The Relaxed Firm Loom & Leaf mattress is the companies main model that offers their flagship comfort level that is not too soft or too hard. The L&L Firm mattress is much firmer and a better option for larger people. The top layers of both Loom & Leaf mattresses promote great comfort including the cover, the spinal gel layer, and the two memory gel layers. The cover is plush, luxurious, organic cotton that has a 5/8” foam layer quilted into it. The spinal gel layer supports spinal alignment and eliminates pressure points. The top layer of two inch convoluted 4 lb/ft density gel memory foam has excellent conforming ability for comfort and additional pressure point relief. The second layer of 2.5 inches of 5 lb/ft density visco-elastic memory foam is the “heart” of the mattress and gives the body deep contouring support . Together all layers give the bed a great memory foam feel – a noticeable hug, great contouring, slower response, pressure relief, equalized weight distribution, and far more cushioning than less expensive on-line beds. See Loom & Leaf Mattress Review

#10: Eight Sleep (95.58%) for Most Comfortable Mattress – See Eight Sleep Mattress Review

Most Comfortable Mattress

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The Smart Bed offers three layers of premium foams, is 10″ thick, and is medium-firm. It gives a good amount of pressure relief and conforms well to a sleeper’s body. In creating this mattress, comfort was a major consideration. According to the Company, they tested over 300 comfort combinations to identify the perfect support for spine and hip alignment. See Eight Sleep Mattress Review

#11: Layla Sleep (95.43%) for Most Comfortable Mattress –  See Layla Sleep Mattress Review

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Layla offers two comfort levels – soft on one side of the mattress and more firm on the other. The softer side has that memory foam feel, is softer than the average mattress, and conforms well to the body. The firmer side, while more supportive and less soft, is still very comfortable and does soften up slightly in a short amount of time. The mattress gives pressure relief, especially on the soft side.  While not plush, the softer side has a deep cushioning effect and a lot of body contouring. See Layla Sleep Mattress Review

#12: Helix Sleep (95.29%) for Most Comfortable Mattress – See the Helix Sleep Mattress Review

Most Comfortable Mattress

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Super comfortable mattress. Sleepers choose their own comfort level (along with support, temperature regulation, and point elasticity) based on their preferences revealed through a quiz they take online before making their purchase. Furthermore, couples can choose different comfort levels for each side of the bed if they choose a queen or king.  This customization, Helix believes, produces the most effective sleep surface for achieving spinal alignment.  Even with customization, all Helix mattresses have a tendency to be less pressure relieving and conforming than a memory foam bed, but more than an innerspring bed.  The Helix Dynamic Foam layer is superlatively contouring and reactively comfortable, while the Pocketed Microcoils layer optimizes for pressure relief.  See the Helix Sleep Mattress Review

#13: Brooklyn Signature (95.24%) for Most Comfortable Mattress – See Brooklyn Signature Mattress Review

Most Comfortable Mattress

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Brooklyn Signature mattresses have three different firmness levels. The Soft mattress, a 5 or 6 on a scale from 1 (soft) to 10 (firm), provides a good amount of contouring, a moderate hug, and great pressure point relief. The Medium, a 6 or 7 in firmness, offers less sinkage, a great mix between softness and support, and a feeling of being on top of the mattress. Lastly, the Firm mattress, a 7 or 8, has no sinkage, a greater feeling of support, and a sensation of being on a flat surface. All three mattresses provide a sleeper an Awesome Night Sleep and additional comfort with a cover of quilted cotton, a top layer of hyper-elastic TitanFlex™ foam, and a transition layer of high density TitanFlex™ foam. The patented, hyper-elastic TitanFlex™ foam features immediate response technology that adjusts to a sleeper’s every move, and the TitanFlex™ high density foam creates both deep compression support and body contouring.   If sleepers are not satisfied with the comfort of these mattresses, they can call customer service after 30 days and receive a free topper to make the mattress feel softer without sacrificing support. These toppers are made of high quality foam and also help increase pressure point relief. See Brooklyn Signature Mattress Review

#14: Casper Mattress (95.21%) for Most Comfortable Mattress  See the Casper Mattress Review

Best Mattress 2018
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Amazingly comfortable. A sleeper literally feels weightless on a Casper mattress. The fantastic combination of Casper’s soft, breathable cover and its top three layers of pressure-relieving premium foams give a sleeper an Awesome Night Sleep. The high quality polyester/polypropylene blend cover is not only soft-to-the-touch, but was specifically designed to keep the mattress breathable and cool. The top layer of Breathable Open-Cell Foam adds to the relaxing feel by providing additional luxurious softness and great pressure relief.

To balance out this softness, the next layer of responsive memory foam gives some firmness to the overall feel. It also provides great support and gently hugs the body’s curves. Finally, the transition layer of Zoned Support™ foam beautifully contours specifically to each area of the body for additional pressure relief and tranquility. Together the cover and all premium foam layers give the mattress a not too soft, but not too firm feel. It is more of a medium, “just right” feel. See the Casper Mattress Review

By John Rossini (About Us)

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