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Brooklyn Bedding Coupon

Brooklyn Bedding Coupon



Brooklyn Bedding Coupon: Click here to use the Brooklyn Bedding Coupon!!! (25% off sitewide with code PRESIDENTS25)

Brooklyn Bedding Coupon

Click here to use the Brooklyn Bedding Coupon!!! (25% off sitewide with code PRESIDENTS25)

Awesome Night Sleep has the best prices available for the Brooklyn Bedding Mattresses with our coupon code and discount. We are constantly working with Brooklyn Bedding to get you the best possible deal.

I. Brooklyn Bedding Coupon Details:

II. Brooklyn Bedding Coupon – New Pricing Details

Brooklyn Bedding Coupon

SizePrice Before
Price After
Brooklyn Bowery Mattress - Twin$499$374
Brooklyn Bowery Mattress - Twin XL$549$412
Brooklyn Bowery Mattress - Full$649$487
Brooklyn Bowery Mattress - Queen$699$524
Brooklyn Bowery Mattress - King$949$712
Brooklyn Bowery Mattress - Cali King$949$712
Brooklyn Bowery Hybrid Mattress - Twin$549$412
Brooklyn Bowery Hybrid Mattress - Twin XL$649$487
Brooklyn Bowery Hybrid Mattress - Full$749$562
Brooklyn Bowery Hybrid Mattress - Queen$799$599
Brooklyn Bowery Hybrid Mattress - King$1,049$787
Brooklyn Bowery Hybrid Mattress - Cali King$1,049$787
Brooklyn Signature Mattress - Twin$599$449
Brooklyn Signature Mattress - Twin XL$699$524
Brooklyn Signature Mattress - Full$849
Brooklyn Signature Mattress - Queen$949
Brooklyn Signature Mattress - King$1,249
Brooklyn Signature Mattress - Cali King$1,249
Brooklyn Aurora Mattress - Twin$999$749
Brooklyn Aurora Mattress - Twin XL$1,249$937
Brooklyn Aurora Mattress - Full$1,549$1,162
Brooklyn Aurora Mattress - Queen$1,699$1,274
Brooklyn Aurora Mattress - King$2,124$1,593
Brooklyn Aurora Mattress - Cali King$2,124$1,593
Bloom Hybrid Mattress - Twin$1,199$899
Bloom Hybrid Mattress - Twin XL$1,249$937
Bloom Hybrid Mattress - Full$1,499$1,124
Bloom Hybrid Mattress - Queen$1,799$1,349
Bloom Hybrid Mattress - King$2,199$1,649
Bloom Hybrid Mattress - Cali King$2,199$1,649
Spartan Mattress - Twin$1,399$1,049
Spartan Mattress - Twin XL$1,449$1,087
Spartan Mattress - Full$1,699$1,274
Spartan Mattress - Queen$1,999$1,499
Spartan Mattress - King$2,399$1,799
Spartan Mattress - Cali King$2,399$1,799

Brooklyn Bedding Coupon

Click here to use the Brooklyn Bedding Coupon!!! (25% off sitewide with code PRESIDENTS25)

III. More Information on Brooklyn Signature Mattresses (Value, Quality, Comfort, and Support)

Fantastic Mattress! The Brooklyn Signature mattress is a mattress made with low overhead, high quality, superb comfort, and remarkable cooling – all at a great price. This hybrid mattress now combines its distinguished, comfortable and cool premium TitanFlex™ foam with their new individually pocketed springs at a price in-line with its competitors. Unlike many of its competitors, Brooklyn Bedding can provide better quality products at a similar price, because by owning and operating their own factory, they can keep costs down.


Quality can be seen in how Brooklyn Bedding manufactures its products and in the products themselves. Unlike many other online mattress companies, Brooklyn Bedding owns the factory. Thus they own the manufacturing process and can better scrutinize processes, materials, designs, expenses, and specifications. Brooklyn Bedding also has a history of constructing quality and durable products. For example, their TitaniumGel™ promotes cooling, is anti-bacterial, and has remarkable stability. Also, their TitanFlex™ foams are the most durable foams in the industry, contain immediate response technology, and have the highest material integrity to minimize body impressions and maximize restorative properties.

Lastly, their pocketed coils are new, so their durability is unknown. But rest assured, the coils and foams are meant to last. The mattress is backed by a 10-year, no hassle warranty. Moreover, the Company makes special mention on their website that their Research & Development Team stays on top of cutting edge technology by advancing their industry expertise and knowledge in order to bring to life mattresses and products that are engineered for the dreamer in all of us.


Brooklyn Signature mattresses have three different firmness levels. The Soft mattress, a 5 or 6 on a scale from 1 (soft) to 10 (firm), provides a good amount of contouring, a moderate hug, and great pressure point relief. The Medium, a 6 or 7 in firmness, offers less sinkage, a great mix between softness and support, and a feeling of being on top of the mattress. Lastly, the Firm mattress, a 7 or 8, has no sinkage, a greater feeling of support, and a sensation of being on a flat surface. All three mattresses provide a sleeper an Awesome Night Sleep and additional comfort with a cover of quilted cotton, a top layer of hyper-elastic TitanFlex™ foam, and a transition layer of high density TitanFlex™ foam.

The patented, hyper-elastic TitanFlex™ foam features immediate response technology that adjusts to a sleeper’s every move, and the TitanFlex™ high density foam creates both deep compression support and body contouring. If sleepers are not satisfied with the comfort of these mattresses, they can call customer service after 30 days and receive a free topper to make the mattress feel softer without sacrificing support. These toppers are made of high quality foam and also help increase pressure point relief.


The top two layers have a track record of providing great support. The 2″ top layer of TitaniumGel™ infused TitanFlex™ Foam provides greater stability and the 2″ second layer of TitanFlex™ high density foam promotes deep compression support. The new bottom support layer of 6″ Ascension Pocketed Coils, according to Brooklyn Bedding, helps maintain the structural integrity of the mattress. The over 1,000 pocketed coils move independently, yet respond collectively to any movement, giving the sleeper a great amount of support.

Click here to use the Brooklyn Bedding Coupon!!! (25% off sitewide with code PRESIDENTS25)

By John Rossini (About Us)

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