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GhostBed Mattress Review

GhostBed Mattress Review



GhostBed Mattress Review: Ranked #1 for stomach sleepers. Also in the top 3 for value and reputation. (Click here to see all the ANS Best Mattress Award Winners) 

GhostBed did extremely well in our mattress comparison finishing in the Top 5. One of the main reasons is that the their mattress is a great value. Ghostbed mattresses offer innovative features, high quality, premium comfort, and long-term support – all at a reasonable price. Another reason for GhostBed’s success is its parent company, Nature’s Sleep. Nature’s Sleep has a rock solid reputation for high quality and innovation. Still another huge positive GhostBed has is its combination of aerated latex foam and gel infused memory foam. Other strong points this mattress has to offer include a great warranty, that it is easy to move and wash, and that it helps sleepers stay cool. As awesome a mattress as the GhostBed Classic is at keeping heat away, the GhostBed Luxe does even better. Although not the focus of the review, the Luxe features Ghost Ice Fabric and a cutting edge phase change technology layer.  

In addition to being a great value and keeping sleepers cool, this mattress has strong ratings in the essential categories of comfort, durability, and support.  The GhostBed mattresses also rates well with other attributes including good edge support, little off-gassing, the right amount of sinkage, and limited motion transfer. It is also excellent for sleepers who prefer a firmer mattress, especially larger individuals and individuals who sleep on their stomach or back.

Please see below a summary of all positives and negatives, a company created snippet and snapshot, general information, and finally ratings using the 20 major considerations.

GhostBed Mattress Review


  • Aerated Latex Foam / Gel Infused Foam Combination 
  • Strong Parent Company, Nature’s Sleep
  • Great Value / Lower Priced
  • Good Warranty
  • Easy to Move and Wash
  • Sleeps Cools (especially GhostBed Luxe)


  • One Firmness Option for Both Models
  • Firmer Mattress / May not Please Side Sleepers

GhostBed Mattress Review

GhostBed Mattress Review


Crafted With One Simple Principle – Sleep Perfection. The Coolest Bed in the World.


The Perfect Mattress: Comfort goes beyond just cooling, our Gel Memory foam layer adapts to you, relieving pressure points and eliminating motion and tossing and turning. Experience a sense of floating as our new Ghost Bounce layer gives you the buoyant support your body craves, assuring long-lasting comfort and durability.
GhostBed Layers:

1) Luxurious Plush Cover -Luxurious cover with a blend of viscose and polyester for stretchability and a plush feel and is CertiPur-US Certified

2) 1½” Continuous Aerated Latex Foam – Naturally responsive, plush and does not retain heat.

3) 2” Gel Memory Foam – GhostBed uses a proprietary formula with larger cells to make it more reactive to the body for cooler nights

4) 7½” High Density Base –  Increased support and longevity equals more comfort.

General Information
Thickness / Type:11″ – Foam – Latex & Memory
ANS Rating:95.32%
ANS Comfort Rating:94.77%
Price of Queen:$795 with Current $200 Coupon (use code  PRESCLSALE for up to $300 off GhostBed Mattresses + 2 FREE Pillows) (Website )
Free in contiguous 48 states
Comes Compressed:Yes
Coupon / Discount:$200 (use code  PRESCLSALE for up to $300 off GhostBed Mattresses + 2 FREE Pillows) (Website )
Financing Available:0%+ APR Financing through Klarna
Headquarters:USA – Plantation, FL
Where Deliver:USA
In Business Since:2015 (Parent Company, Nature’s Sleep, since 2001)
Number of Models:Ghostbed Classic is reviewed here. Ghostbed Luxe is not.
Cover:Soft, thin, sleek, plush, cozy viscose-polyester, zippered mattress cover with great airflow. Easily removable for washing.
Weight of Queen Mattress:About 90 pounds
Foundation:Highly recommend GhostBed Box Spring, but a box spring foundation with slats no longer than 4″ apart, platform bed or the floor will work
Assembly:No assembly – easy to unbox and decompresses
Thickness / Layers: Cover
Top Comfort Layer – 1.5 “ of 3.5 pound density continuous aerated latex
Middle Cooling Layer –  2” of 4 pound density gel cooling memory foam
Base Support Layer – 7.5” of 2 pound high density foam
Firmness:Medium to firm. 6.5 to 7.5 on a scale of 1 to 10.
Warranty:20-year warranty (10-year full warranty with additional prorated coverage), 1″ indentation
Return Policy / Trial Period:101 day, no-fee, no-risk, full-money-back trial if purchased on
Link:Website (use code  PRESCLSALE for up to $300 off GhostBed Mattresses + 2 FREE Pillows)
Top 20 ConsiderationsRatingDetail
1Good Value?96.26%Ghostbed mattresses offer innovative features, high quality, premium comfort, and long-term support – all at a reasonable price. More affordable than similar latex and memory foam competitors. Ghostbed leverages the experience of their parent company, Nature’s Sleep, to offer a great product at a competitive price.
2Comfortable?94.77%Firmer than most mattresses. Even so, very soft and comfortable, especially with more use. The Ghostbed mattress contours and conforms well to the body while simultaneously equally distributing weight and reducing pressure points. Some sink gives the mattress a little more pressure relief than some of the other latex/foam mattresses on the market.
3Supportive?95.40%11″ mattress offers more support than the 10″ mattress of many competitors. The middle gel memory foam layer delivers excellent contouring support. The bottom core foam layer also contributes greatly to the overall support and comfort of the mattress. Firmer mattress offers more support than competitors.
4Durable / Quality Built?95.36%
The GhostBed is manufactured with very high quality materials and construction by its parent company, Nature’s Sleep, a mattress company that has been around since 2001. The Ghostbed mattress offers quality craftsmanship and will last over 10 years. Its innovative, solid design allows the withstanding of wear and pressure.
5Sleep Cool?95.07%Top layer of aerated latex foam and middle layer of gel infused memory foam reduces heat retention and gives the sleeper a cool sleep. Due to the latex foam layer, the sleeper gets the benefit of the comfort of memory foam without the heat build-up associated with it. Additionally, the soft, thin, polyester, zippered mattress cover offers great airflow and allows the aeration from the mattress to come through. Although not reviewed here, the GhostBed Luxe is even cooler with its Ghost Ice Fabric and Ghost Ice Layer. (
6Warranty? 95.95%20-year warranty (10-year full warranty with additional prorated coverage).
7Return Policy?95.64%101 day, no-fee, no-risk, full-money-back trial. If returning mattress, no preparation is necessary. The buyer must wait 30 days before returning the mattress.
8Customer Service?93.97%Good customer service. Even though Ghostbed has a mission statement of 100% customer satisfaction, some competitors are rated better.
9Good Reputation?97.11%Manufactured in the USA. Began in 2015, but parent company, Nature’s Sleep, has been in business since 2001. Some amount of overselling done. Ghostbed does disclose specifications. Even though Ghostbed has a BBB rating of “D-” and has had complaints filed against them, overall most owners state that they are satisfied with the mattress.
10Socially Good?95.31%Ghostbed’s manufacturing process is entirely free of harsh chemicals. Their rigorous testing of their foam confirms it is completely free of harmful chemicals. All products are CertiPUR-US certified. They also have eco-friendly packaging and are constantly redesigning and reengineering their products to reduce fossil fuel use. Furthermore, the company donates 2 GhostBeds every month to veterans.
11Motion Transfer / No Sinkage?94.65%Ghostbed does well at not allowing the movement of one sleeper to impact the other. Only sleepers used to a memory foam mattress may be disappointed. Additionally, the Ghostbed is easy to move on and get up from for most people. Only large people have complained about too much sinkage. Innovative latex top layer gives quick bounce back.
12Edge Support?92.79%Edge support for sleeping or sitting is surprisingly good with this mattress. Even though other foam mattresses are known for not offering support on the far edges, the Ghostbed performs well in this area. Even so, some larger people and couples still may have problems with edge support.
13Bouncy?95.00%Latex foam gives mattress some bounce (more than memory foam mattressese). It helps the sleeper avoid that “stuck” feeling.
14Noisy?96.52%As is common with most foam mattresses, the Ghostbed is silent.
15Off-Gassing?94.84%Very little rancid initial odor for most Ghostbed mattress purchasers. Though there maybe a little smell at first, it will dissipated very quickly.
16Easy to Handle / Break In / Maintain?95.72%Two weeks is the average break-in time. The Ghostbed mattress should not be flipped, but should be rotated to prevent sagging and floppiness. These mattresses are also lighter than average and do not have handles to aid in handling. Easy to clean, the cover is removable and machine washable.
Sleeper Type:
17Good for Backs?95.30%Great mattress for back sleepers as most prefer firmer mattresses. This mattress is one of the best mattresses to reduce back pain.
18Good for Side Sleep?93.77%Even though many side sleepers prefer softer mattresses, many report liking the Ghostbed mattress.
19Good for Stomach Sleep?96.33%Great mattress for stomach sleepers as most prefer firmer mattresses.
20Good for Larger Sleepers?95.57%Firmer mattress is preferred by most larger and heavier people. Even so, still may have too much sinkage for larger people.

Overall Rating = 95.32%