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Novosbed Mattress Review

Novosbed Mattress Review



Novosbed Mattress Review

Novosbed Mattress Review: Scored in the top 3 for support, quality, trial period, reputation, and no motion transfer. (Click here to see all the ANS Best Mattress Award Winners) 

Customers will experience an Awesome Night Sleep on a Novosbed!  Novosbed provides luxurious, comfortable, attractive, durable, innovative, time-tested, high quality, memory foam mattresses – all at an affordable price. Their luxurious mattresses offer everything showroom models have, but at a third of the price. Their luxurious features include next-generation foams, a washable top cover, thousands of vertical air channels, and designer-grade textiles. The Company, in business longer than many of its competitors, offers a more affordable mattress that is high quality because it has lower overhead and has cut out the middle-men.

Novosbed mattresses have many strong and innovative features. The first is that their mattresses have three firmness levels – soft, medium, and firm. The second is that Novosbed has the innovative Comfort+ adjustment kit. This kit is a layer of firming or softening regular foam that integrates seamlessly into the mattress. Thus in order to get the feel just right, sleepers can easily add the comfort kit to the original firmness of the bed. Other huge positives with this mattress is the high density of their foams. High density is usually an indication of great support and durability. And in this case it is. Novosbed ranks high in both these major categories.

Novosbed also ranks especially well with little motion transfer and the right amount of sinkage. Sleepers will not disturb one another when moving around and they won’t get swallowed up by the mattress. The Company also is incredibly strong with a longer trial period than most competitors and a solid reputation. In addition to the solid reputation, Novosbed does great in the other company categories with solid customer service and being socially good. Other attributes where the mattress scores well include decent edge support, having an easy to wash cover, and limited off-gassing. 

Please see below a summary of all positives and negatives, a company created snippet and snapshot, general information, and finally ratings using the 20 major considerations.

Novosbed Mattress Review


  • Comfort+ Adjustment Kit 
  • Three Plus Firmness Options
  • High Density Foams
  • Ranks High for Quality and Support
  • Little Motion Transfer / Right Amount of Sinkage
  • Long Trial Period
  • Solid Reputation


  • Heat Retention Concerns
  • Little Bounce
Novosbed Mattress Review


Nothing sleeps better than a memory foam mattress. Body contouring and motion isolation for more restful sleep. Experience it with our industry best sleep trial.


The most affordable luxury mattress in the world. Experience luxurious comfort with premium memory foams, designer-grade fabrics, and made-in-North America quality. Novosbed mattresses are available in 3 firmness levels, and all are covered by our Perfect Firmness Guarantee, 120 night sleep trial, and 15 year warranty.

Ultra-Soft Stretch-Knit Top Cover – A top cover so soft you won’t want to use sheets. It’s also removable and washable for a quick and easy way to refresh your Novosbed.

Two-Way-Stretch Elastic Core Cover – A robust cover that protects the foam core without affecting its properties.

Durable Furniture-Grade Upholstery Siding – The same textile grade found on high end furniture. Durable, flexible and supportive.

Next-Generation Foams – Made with foams that keep that new mattress feel for 15 years or more.

Washable Top Cover – Experience that new mattress feeling over and over again

Airflow – Thousands of vertical air channels keep you cool as you sleep.

General Information
Thickness / Type:11″ (13″ with Comfort+) Memory Foam
ANS Rating:95.30%
ANS Comfort Rating:95.87%
Price of Queen:$999 after $100 savings (Save $100 on Novosbed Mattresses with code SAVE100) (website)
Comes Compressed:Yes
Coupon / Discount:Save $100 on Novosbed Mattresses with code SAVE100 (website)
Financing Available:Yes in US through Affirm
Headquarters:Canada – Edmonton, AB
Manufactured:USA – Allentown, PA
Where Deliver:US, Canada
In Business Since:2009
Number of Models:3 (Soft, Medium, Firm)
Cover:High quality, thin, well crafted, beautiful, breathable, washable, removable Ultra-Soft Stretch-Knit Top Cover. Robust, protective Two-Way-Stretch Elastic Core Cover. Durable Furniture-Grade Upholstery Siding.
Weight of Queen Mattress:87 to 95 lbs
Foundation:Novosbed Foundation preferred, but also adjustable or platform, box, or slatted
Assembly:No assembly – easy to unbox and decompresses
Thickness / Layers: Cover
(Optional) 2″ Innovative Foam Comfort Kit (If later need adjustment)
2″ Ultra-Dense Airflow Memory Foam (4 to 5 lbs/ft) (Soft = 2″ gel memory (3.7 lbs/ft))
2″ or 3″ Ultra-Dense Memory Foam (4 to 5 lbs/ft density)
6″ or 7″ Premium Support Foam (1.8 lbs/ft density)
Firmness:Soft (Med-Soft to Med = 3.5), Medium (Med = 5), Firm (med-Firm to Firm = 6.5), Comfort+ = -1 / +1
Warranty:15 years, first 10 non prorated, 1″ indentation
Return Policy / Trial Period:Risk-Free 120 night sleep trial
Top 20 ConsiderationsRatingDetail
1Good Value?95.18%All in an effort to provide sleepers an Awesome Night Sleep, Novosbed provides luxurious, comfortable, attractive, durable, innovative, time-tested, high quality, memory foam mattresses at an affordable price. Mattresses that offer everything Tempur Pedic has, but at a third of the price. Luxurious features include next-generation foams, a washable top cover, thousands of vertical air channels, and designer-grade textiles. Innovative features include a Comfort+ adjustment kit that easily adjusts the firmness levels of its mattresses. The Company, in business longer than many of its competitors, can offer a more affordable mattress that is high quality because it has lower overhead and has cut out the middle-men. This mattress has all the advantages of a memory foam bed – including durability, comfort, and price. Its density and thickness also help it stack up well compared to other memory foam mattresses.
2Comfortable?95.87%Novosbed’s three different mattresses give the sleeper three different firmness levels. Per the Company’s website, the Soft is designed for contouring and plushness without that “quicksand” feeling, the Medium is designed to offer the perfect balance of support and plush-comfort, and the Firm is designed to provide firm, comfortable support, with minimal sink-in. All three provide that classic memory foam feel and gradually mold and conform to a sleepers body, resulting in equal weight distribution and pressure point relief. Some customers report that Novosbed’s mattresses run firm. If sleepers find that this is the case, they can order for free the Comfort+ adjustment kit. This kit is a layer of firming or softening regular foam that integrates seamlessly into the mattress. Even though the Comfort+ adjustment kit does well in fine-tuning the firmness level, because the top layer is now regular foam, the mattress could feel less like a memory foam mattress, and more like a regular pillow-top mattress. Additional comfort is provided by the top cover that is amazingly soft and the high density foams found throughout the mattress.
3Supportive?95.87%The Novosbed mattress provides superb support. Like other memory foam mattresses, the Novosbed Mattress provides impressive overall and contouring support. Being more thick and dense than other memory foam options, the Novosbed mattress gives sleepers even more support. Moreover, the thick spandex sub-cover under its removable top-cover provides additional structure and support.
4Durable / Quality Built?96.66%
Not only does Novosbed build premium, high quality mattresses with designer-grade textiles, they also make them with next generation foams. The top two layers of the mattress are contructed with these ultra-dense foams of 4 to 5 lbs per foot, making them very durable. This durability, combined with the overall thickness of the mattress gives the bed great longevity. In fact, Novosbed is so confident that their mattress will last longer than the average of 6 to 10 years for memory foam mattresses, that they back up their mattresses with a 15 year warranty.
5Sleep Cool?92.97%In order to combat the fact that memory foam mattresses are prone to retain heat, Novosbed’s top layer of memory foam has been incorporated with thousands of vertical air channels. Thus, air moves in and out of the mattress, keeping the temperature down and the sleeper cool all through the night. Additionally, the gel-infused foam in the Soft mattress will also keep the sleeper cooler.
6Warranty? 95.33%The warranty is for 15 years with the first 10 years non prorated (total coverage), and the remaining 5 years pro-rated . This is better warranty than many other on-line beds taht offer only a 10 year warranty.
7Return Policy?97.39%Novosbed has a 120-day 100% money-back return policy with no fees or return ship charges. Customers must wait 60 days before making a return. However, for exchanges, after 30 days customers can request a Comfort+ kit instead of sending back the mattress for one of a different firmness. Novosbed will send them for free a firmer or softer 2″ comfort layer – one that easily integrates into the mattress. Customers can still make a return, even if they received one of these Comfort+ kits.
8Customer Service?95.51%Novosbed has been successful in delivering spectacular service to its customers from the moment they order to well beyond. Their customer service is regarded as somewhere between well above average and top-rated.
9Good Reputation?96.87%With the company opening its doors in 2009, Novosbed has been in business much longer than most of its competitors. Novosbed has an A+ BBB rating, a high owner satisfaction rating, and is seen as being very innovative. They were the first mattress company to offer a totally risk-free mattress buying experience and they are now the only company that offers free firmness adjustments as part of their sleep trial. Per their website, at their core, they are designers and inventors who exist to find elegant solutions to hard problems. High customer review scores.
10Socially Good?95.81%Novosbed is CertiPUR-US certified and has adopted socially and environmentally responsible practices including zero-waste manufacturing, longer lasting products, and closed-loop recycling. The Company also donates many mattresses to those less fortunate, and in fact was one of the early pioneers in this practice.
11Motion Transfer / No Sinkage?95.90%Similar to other memory foam beds, the Novosbed mattress with its high density foams minimizes any motion transfer. Dissimilar to other memory foam beds, the Novosbed mattress does not have as much sinkage. Even though moving on the mattress may require a little extra effort, with the Novosbed mattress, sleepers won’t feel stuck.
12Edge Support?92.76%As is the case for almost all foam based mattresses, edge support may be lacking for some sleepers. Even though better than the foam based mattresses of most competitor’s, the Novosbed mattress might have some sinkage when individuals sleep or sit near the edge. This could be an even bigger issue for larger people.
13Bouncy?93.63%The Novosbed mattress is like other memory foam mattresses in that there is an absence of bounce. With its high degree of motion absorption comes slower response and less springiness.
14Noisy?96.55%Quiet mattress. There is no noise with any movement or getting on and off the bed.
15Off-Gassing?94.08%Very few customers experience off-gassing when the Novosbed mattress is taken out of the box. Though harmless, if there is any new mattress smell, it dissipates almost immediately and won’t even be remembered within a few days.
16Easy to Handle / Break In / Maintain?94.72%The Novosbed mattress is ready for use 5 minutes after boxing, may take two days to fully expand, and take two to four weeks or longer to break-in. The break-in period is longer than other on-line mattresses, even ones that are foam based, because of its high density foams. Even after the mattress is broken-in, it may take even more time for the body to fully adapt to this mattress. The top cover is easy to maintain, as it is removable and washable. The bed is one sided, so there is no need to flip it. However, rotating it head to foot at least twice a year may prevent and minimize sagging, especially if couples have significantly different weight. The queen mattresses weighs about average for a mattress at 90 pounds and has no handles. Thus moving the mattress can be challenging for only one person.
Sleeper Type:
17Good for Backs?94.63%While not making any medical claims, Novosbed believes those with pressure point or circulation issues can experience some relief with memory foam. This means that their mattress has the potential to provide back pain relief. Back sleepers will largely prefer the Medium mattress. They will enjoy the firmness of this mattress (5 to 7), but also like the even distribution and the minimal sinkage.
18Good for Side Sleep?94.27%Side sleeper will enjoy either the Soft Mattress (3 to 5) or the Medium Mattress (5 to 7). In addition to the less firm feel, side sleepers will like the contouring, pressure point relief, and high density foams.
19Good for Stomach Sleep?93.83%Stomach sleepers will prefer the Medium Mattress (5 to 7) or the Firm Mattress (about an 8). In addition to the greater firmness, they will appreciate the combination of foam layers used for both support and comfort, but also the excellent conformity and relief for pressure points.
20Good for Larger Sleepers?95.83%Heavier and larger people will have an Awesome Night Sleep with the Novosbed mattress. They will value the mattress thickness (11″, but 13″ with the Comfort+ adjustment), the high density memory foam (4 to 5 lbs/ft), the minimal motion transfer, and the little if any sinkage. They will most likely prefer the Firm mattress.

Overall Rating = 95.30%