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Layla Mattress Review

Layla Mattress Review



Layla Mattress Review

Layla Mattress Review: Came in second for Awesome Night Sleep Best Mattress Award. Scored in the top 3 for value, warranty, and return policy. (Click here to see all the ANS Best Mattress Award Winners)

Wow! The Layla Mattress has huge positives in many different areas. For starters, the flippable design with two firmness options and the copper infused gel memory foam are innovations that people love. Having the ability to flip the mattress to get a whole different firmness and receiving the therapeutic benefits of copper are huge positives that make the Layla Mattress shine.

Additionally, Layla’s lifetime warranty and extended trial period are areas that customers feel are very important. The fact that the mattress is easy to move and the price is lower than most competitors are also huge positives. 

Other strong points include great scores in the essential categories like comfort, support, durability, and coolness.  Layla also did well in the Company areas with great customer service, reputation, and being socially good. Moreover, Layla did well with all types of sleepers (back, side, stomach, and large people) and well with other attributes including limited off-gassing and motion transfer, but also decent edge support and just the right amount of sinkage.

Please see below a summary of all positives and negatives, a company created snippet and snapshot, general information, and finally ratings using the 20 major considerations.

Layla Mattress Review


  • Flippable with Two Firmness Options
  • Copper Infused Gel Memory Foam
  • Priced Lower than Many Competitors
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Four Month Return Policy
  • Easy to Move


  • Little Bounce

Layla Mattress Review

Layla Mattress Review


A mattress you can flip for firmness. Sleep on one side for a softer feel or flip it over for more firmness. Copper infused because individuals sleep cooler with copper, copper is so supportive, it is cleaner, and it has been known to heal.


The Layla Mattress – Cooler | Copper Infused | Double-Sided | Better®| Free Shipping | Made in the USA | 4 Month Trial | Lifetime Warranty


Sleep Cooler with Copper: 

We put copper in the mattress because it’s one of the top two most conductive metals known to man, second only to silver (and we were fresh out of silver). Due to its’ amazing conductivity, copper is widely used in industrial and technological applications where the highest temperatures must be tolerated. When copper cells compress inside the Layla Mattress, they form a thermal super highway that sucks up body heat and swiftly carries it away keeping you cool as a cucumber.

Copper Is So Supportive:

Under body weight, copper cells in the memory foam layers of the mattress compress and interact with each other. This interaction between copper cells results in a firming response at deep compression areas where your body sinks in more, like around the shoulders and hips. This firming response is called Variable Support and it’s excellent for all sleeping positions…and it’s a side sleepers’ dream.



General Information
Thickness / Type:10.5″ Memory Foam – Copper & Gel Infused
ANS Rating:95.52%
ANS Comfort Rating:95.43%
Price of Queen:$874 after savings (Automatically save $125 on any mattress + 2 Free Premium Pillows) Website
Shipping:Free in contiguous 48 states of USA, returns may cost up to $50
Comes Compressed:Yes
Coupon / Discount:Automatically save $125 on any mattress + 2 Free Premium Pillows (Website)
Financing Available:Affirm – 0%+ APR Financing
Headquarters:USA – California
Where Deliver:
USA and Canada
In Business Since:2015
Number of Models:One, but double sided
Cover:Chic, durable, thicker, soft, stretchy, Thermo-Gel infused cover that offers coolness to the touch. Can dry clean.
Weight of Queen Mattress:70 pounds
Foundation:Solid surface (floor, wood foundation or boxspring, a platform bed with slats, adjustable base)
Assembly:No assembly – easy to unbox and decompresses
Thickness / Layers: Thermo-Gel infused cover
3″ (3lb) copper infused gel memory foam (soft side)
2″ (1.8lb) convoluted polyurethane air flow foam
4.5″ (2lb) supportive polyurethane base foam
1″ (3lb) copper infused gel memory foam (firm side)
Firmness:5 on the soft side, and 7.5 on the firm side.
Warranty:Lifetime, 1″ indentation
Return Policy / Trial Period:4 months after the purchase date. Must wait at least two weeks before you decide whether or not you love it.
Link:Website (Automatically save $125 on any mattress + 2 Free Premium Pillows)
Top 20 ConsiderationsRatingDetail
1Good Value?96.26%The Layla mattress has a great combination of a reasonable price, two comfort-level options, temperature control, a lifetime warranty, and great potential health benefits. They have addressed the concerns of the customer, offering comfort, cooling, airflow, and health – all at a great price. A company that is revolutionary, creative and innovative – putting forward a quality mattress and new features – the flipping and infused-copper – at a price comparable to a lot of the other online mattresses.
2Comfortable?95.43%Layla offers two comfort levels – soft on one side of the mattress and more firm on the other. The softer side has that memory foam feel, is softer than the average mattress, and conforms well to the body. The firmer side, while more supportive and less soft, is still very comfortable and does soften up slightly in a short amount of time. The mattress gives pressure relief, especially on the soft side. While not plush, the softer side has a deep cushioning effect and a lot of body contouring.
3Supportive?95.48%While the firmer side does feel more solid, both sides of this mattress have a good balance of support and comfort. The copper infused sturdy foam provides not only a cooler sleep, but more strength. Moreover, the presence of copper in the memory foam layers of the mattress results in additional support and a firming response in the deep compression areas of the body including the hips and shoulders.
4Durable / Quality Built?95.12%
Very high quality and durable. Copper is the key. It is anti-microbial (has the ability to neutralize microbes such as bacteria, fungi, molds and viruses), it is supportive, it has thermo regulating properties, and it may help heal the body (similar to wearing the copper bracelet). The mattress is innovative, not only with the infused copper, but containing two beds in one. Further it is made of high quality foam and fabric. For example, not only does the cover look chic and sophisticated, it is thicker, softer, stretchy, and is infused with Thermo-Gel that provides coolness to the touch. The expected lifespan for the Layla mattress is between 10 and 12 years.
5Sleep Cool?95.50%The combination of the the convoluted air flow foam layer, the Thermo-Gel infused cover, and the copper infused foam layer help keep the sleeper cool. The convoluted air flow foam layer, shaped like an egg carton, provides great air flow and helps disperse heat very well. The Thermo-Gel infused cover provides not only a great design and comfort, but imparts coolness to the touch. Lastly, copper is an excellent thermal conductor and absorbs heat, rapidly transferring it away from the sleepr’s body. This powerful three headed combination is designed to dissipate heat more efficiently than traditional memory foam. The softer side is reported to be warmer.
6Warranty? 97.43%Lifetime warranty that covers indentations of 1” or more, but does not include stains, rips, tears, or burns.
7Return Policy?97.12%The purchaser can return the mattress up to four months after the purchase date. He or she must wait at least two weeks before deciding whether or not to keep it. If not keeping it, a local charity will pick it up as is.
8Customer Service?94.59%Reviews report satisfied customers so far. A sleeper can contact customer service via on-line chat or a phone call.
9Good Reputation?95.19%Manufactured in the USA. In business only since 2015, Layla has not yet been rated by the BBB. Even so, the company founders grew up in the mattress industry and the company has a good reputation. As the world’s first copper infused memory foam mattress, Layla is known for its innovation – offering a dual sided mattress and the unique health and wellness benefits of copper. These benefits of the copper infused memory foam include – (1) being antimicrobial, (2) giving additional support, (3) absorbing heat, and (4) helping with joint pain and circulation – reducing inflammation and providing pain relief from conditions such as arthritis, osteoarthritis, and chronic neck, hip and back pain.
10Socially Good?96.31%“Their foam is CERTIPUR-US® certified. Layla uses water or food based solutions rather than petroleum. The company partners with homeless shelters in San Francisco, including Episcopal Community Service, to give something back to the community. For every purchase, Layla provides for the housing of a homeless person in a city shelter for one night.
11Motion Transfer / No Sinkage?95.40%The firmer side option, like many other memory foam mattresses, provides good motion isolation. There is little motion transfer. The response time is pretty good, but the sleeper might feel just a little stuck. On the other hand, with the softer side, there might be less than desirable motion isolation. There will be more motion transfer, a worse response time, and more of a trapped sensation when moving about.
12Edge Support?91.62%While the Layla mattress cannot compete with innerspring beds for edge support, it does about average for a foam bed. There ar not any extra features like additional perimeter foam to combat edge sinkage. The firmer side offers slightly better edge support than the softer side.
13Bouncy?93.70%On the firmer side, the Layla mattress exhibits very little to no bounce. Built for shock absorbency, foam mattresses are not known to offer much springyness. The softer side, although more bouncy, still does not supply the movement of a spring mattress.
14Noisy?96.33%Quiet mattress. There is no noise when moving around or getting on and off the bed.
15Off-Gassing?95.06%Very little if any pungent initial odor. There might be a slight “new product” smell, but it quickly goes away. There is no lingering odor when sleeping on the bed.
16Easy to Handle / Break In / Maintain?95.22%Easy to unbox and start using. No break-in time needed and relief may be felt immediately. Lighter than average. Even so, flipping can still be time consuming and a hassle, especially for one person. The mattress should be rotated head to toe every 6-8 months. A mattress protector is recommended by the company to aid in keeping the mattress safe and stain-free. The Layla Mattress cover is dry clean only.
Sleeper Type:
17Good for Backs?95.78%Copper is known to help give good pressure point support and aid in the relief of conditions such as arthritis, osteoarthritis, and chronic neck, hip and back pain. Pressure relief is better on the soft side, but support is better on the firm side. Firmness of 7 to 8 is good for back sleepers. Back sleepers will also like this mattress because there is less sinking in, no sagging, and and many foam layers.
18Good for Side Sleep?95.27%The soft side is a good option for side sleepers. Its firmness level of 4 to 6 is right in the sweet spot for this group. Furthermore, the soft side offers just what a side sleeper wants – that deep cushioning effect, a lot of body contouring, pressure point relief, and higher density foam.
19Good for Stomach Sleep?94.83%The firm side of the mattress, with a rating of 7 to 8 out of 10, is in the perfect range for a stomach sleeper. Stomach sleepers will not only like the firmness, but also appreciate the combination of foam layers, the consistent support, and the thinner top comfort layer.
20Good for Larger Sleepers?95.19%Because of the good support and little sinkage the firmer side gives, many larger and heavier people will be pleased with this side of the mattress. However, some may prefer a thicker mattress overall than the 10.5″ mattress Layla provides.

Overall Rating = 95.52%