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Leesa Mattress Review

Leesa Mattress Review



Leesa Mattress Review

Leesa Mattress Review: Ranked #1 for socially good and stomach sleepers. (Click here to see all the ANS Best Mattress Award Winners)

Of all mattress companies, the one company that is known most for giving back and donating to charities is Leesa. Leesa donates one mattress for every ten they sell, donates to local communities (money and volunteering), and plants one tree for every mattress sold. This is just one of their huge positives. 

Another one is their awesome reputation. Not only is Leesa known for giving back, but also for its fantastic mattresses and high customer satisfaction. Regarding their fantastic mattress, its Avena foam keeps the mattress cool with great airflow. Also the combination of the Avena foam top layer and Memory foam second layer give the mattress what they call an Universal Adaptive Feel.™ This means that the mattress adapts to all body types and sleeping styles.     

The Leesa mattress overall scored well in many of the traditional important categories including value, comfort, support, durability, and sleeping cool. The mattress also did well for all types of sleepers (back, side, stomach, and large people) and most other attributes including decent edge support, limited motion transfer, the right amount of sinkage,  and being easy to handle.

Please see below a summary of all positives and negatives, a company created snippet and snapshot, general information, and finally ratings using the 20 major considerations.

Leesa Mattress Review


  • Give Back – Donate to Charities
  • Great Reputation
  • Avena Cooling Foam
  • Avena & Memory Foam Give Universal Adaptive Feel 
  • Easy to Move


  • One Firmness Option for Both Models
  • Potential Off-Gassing

Leesa Mattress Review

Leesa Mattress Review


Leesa was founded with a simple goal: to help people sleep better.


“A Sleep Experience Redesigned: The Leesa mattress is redesigned from the inside out to give you the comfort, support, and universal feel everybody needs to sleep better. Our unique combination of performance foam layers deliver cooling bounce, contouring pressure relief and core support for amazing sleep, night after night. The top two layers of performance foam allow the Leesa mattress to adapt to all body types and any sleeping style, we call this our Universal Adaptive Feel™, which is exclusive to Leesa mattresses. 30+ years of industry experience and hundreds of hours of testing went into the development of this mattress.”

The Heart and Soul of Leesa

ONE-TEN – We donate one mattress for every ten we sell.

ONE-EARTH – We partner with the Arbor Day Foundation to plant one tree for every mattress we sell.

ONE-COMMUNITY – We donate our time and resources to help support local and national organizations.

General Information
Thickness / Type:10″ – Foam – Avena & Memory
ANS Rating:94.78%
ANS Comfort Rating:95.17%
Price of Queen:$845 after using $95 Coupon (Leesa on Amazon)
Included in Price
Comes Compressed:Yes
Coupon / Discount:$95 Coupon (Leesa on Amazon)
Financing Available:Affirm – 0%+ APR Financing for 6, 12, or 18 Months
Headquarters:USA – Virginia
Where Deliver:US, Canada, UK
In Business Since:2014
Number of Models:Two Models – Leesa Mattress reviewed here, Sapira Mattress (foam layers with coils) not reviewed
Cover:High quality, stylish, soft, stretchy, keeps moisture out
Weight of Queen Mattress:67 pounds
Foundation:Hard surface, no boxsprings
Assembly:No assembly – easy to unbox and decompresses
Thickness / Layers: Cover
2″ (3.65 lbs) Avena cooling foam
2″ (3 lbs) memory foam
6″ (1.8lbs) support foam
Firmness:Medium, 5 to 6 on a scale of 1 to 10
Warranty:10 year non-prorated, 1″ indentation
Return Policy / Trial Period:100 day, no-fee, no-risk, full-money-back trial
Link:Leesa on Amazon
Top 20 ConsiderationsRatingDetail
1Good Value?95.03%Great mix of low to medium price and great comfort, support, and very little heat retention if any. Innovative Avena foam provides market advantage. Fairly affordable, super quality, and ultimate high-end appeal.
2Comfortable?95.17%Feels amazing. Great general feeling, but not plush. More of a push back feeling, but still very comfortable. Extra cozy, gently hugs, conforms to and cradles the body. Bounces back into shape quickly.
3Supportive?94.42%1.8 lb/ft density. Good for most people, but may be inadequate for some larger people and couples. 6” core foam layer adds structure and strength. Low weight may cause sleeper to move around some.
4Durable / Quality Built?94.20%
High quality. Fairly long life expectancy of 5-10 years. Elegant mattress, beautiful design, high quality. Beautiful, well-designed, extremely soft cover.
5Sleep Cool?94.00%Heat retention rarely reported. 2-inch layer of Avena foam keeps mattress cool with great airflow. Breathable and also hypoallergenic.
6Warranty? 94.34%10 year full-replacement, limited warranty that is honored by company. Low risk and better than average compared to other foam beds.
7Return Policy?95.65%100 day, no-fee, no-risk, full-money-back trial (30 day for Amazon). If returning mattress, no preparation is necessary (unless ordered through Amazon).
8Customer Service?95.31%Excellent customer service.
9Good Reputation?96.66%Manufactured in the USA. Began in 2014. Great reputation. High satisfaction rating and socially good. Essentially accurate claims and do disclose specifications. BBB rating of “B.”
10Socially Good?99.31%Donate 1 mattress for every 10 they sell, donate to local communities (money and volunteering), and plant one tree for every mattress sold. Keep paper / materials to a minimum. CertiPUR-US Certified (No Off-Gassing of Toxins).
11Motion Transfer / No Sinkage?95.09%Motion transfer is minimal. Movements are absorbed well. Not difficult to move or get up off the bed. No lasting impressions. Sinkage not much – only about 2 inches when on your back.
12Edge Support?91.25%Like other foam mattresses, there may not be support on the far edges for sleeping or sitting. More common for larger people and couples.
13Bouncy?93.99%Bit of a spring – Avena foam provides more bounce than standard memory foam mattresses. Sleepers can easily turn over and move around.
14Noisy?96.40%As is common with most foam mattresses, no noise.
15Off-Gassing?93.66%Putrid initial odor rarely reported.
16Easy to Handle / Break In / Maintain?95.72%Lighter than average, but no side handles make it difficult to move. Easy to unbox and start using. Break-in time is about two weeks. No flipping, but should rotate 2-3 times a year. The mattress cover should only be spot cleaned.
Sleeper Type:
17Good for Backs?95.16%Adequate support results in good relief of back pain. Because back sleepers prefer medium to firm mattresses, this is a good choice for most back sleepers.
18Good for Side Sleep?94.77%Yes – relieves pressure points and contours to body. Because side sleepers prefer medium to soft mattresses, this is a good choice for most side sleepers.
19Good for Stomach Sleep?96.33%Yes – medium to firm mattress supports the spine well. Because stomach sleepers need overall support and medium to firm feel, this is a good choice for most stomach sleepers.
20Good for Larger Sleepers?93.93%Lack of thickness and foam density along with being light might make this mattress challenging for larger people.

Overall Rating = 94.78%